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| Sedative-Hypnotics Addiction

Sedative-hypnotics are medications that are usually prescribed by a doctor to patients who either struggle with anxiety disorders or have trouble falling and remaining asleep. Unfortunately, continued and increased use of these drugs provoke addiction behaviors because of its tendency to cause dependence. This means that tolerance has grown for these drugs and a higher dosage needs to be taken to receive the desired effects. Additionally, dependence means that the body has grown accustomed to the sedative-hypnotic and does not function properly without its administration. Treatment is possible for sedative-hypnotic addiction by way of the medical, clinical, and psychological approaches taken by The Florida House Experience. Learning about the dangers and effects of these addictive medications can spread awareness to the fact that treatment is helpful and necessary for those who are afflicted.

| Who Gets Prescribed with Sedative-Hypnotics?

Numerous amounts of doctors prescribe patients with sedative-hypnotics daily for multiple different reasons. Those that are at a higher risk for forming addiction are those with chronic issues since treatment with sedative-hypnotic is likely to require long-term use and an increased higher dosage with time. After taking these highly addictive drugs, it can be very difficult to wean off of them. This is partly because of their withdrawal symptoms and also because of the onset of adverse side effects like anxiety and insomnia once the drug is no longer administered. Anyone that is prescribed these addictive medications is at a risk for forming an addiction, but there are specific classes of individuals who are more likely to be prescribed and become addicted to these drugs. These classes of people include:

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