Is Sober Skills Different from Sober Living?

The Sober Skills program is different than a sober living experience in that it is specifically designed with holistic approaches in mind. This means that we implement techniques and exercises that aim to cause an individual to internalize and find a deeper connection with their own spirituality. Exercises like mindfulness meditation give our patients the means to seek inner peace and well-being, while also being able to identify triggers and cravings that could lead to relapse once entered back into society. Being able to be one with the self gives an individual the power to respond to signals sent from the body. It is up to that individual to interpret these signals and listen to them throughout recovery.

Individuals enrolled in the Sober Skills program are able to receive help from the career building service department of the alumni and aftercare program. Career planning provides those enrolled in the sober skills program with resume building, preparation for job interviews, aid in the application process, and even professional attire for an interview!

Along with alumni services, those that are enrolled into the Sober Skill program are offered all of the amenities and resources that were available to them during treatment. This includes the resource center, medical treatment, medication management, and therapy services. Being provided with all of these services will assist those in the program with everything they need during their stay.

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