Sober Skills - Ocean OutlookSober Skills is a structured recovery environment offered at FHE Health that involves clients immersing themselves in a non-therapeutic, non-clinical 12-step program. Sober Skills differs from other residential treatment programs because it integrates back-to-basics principles based on the “design for living” methodology described in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. While participating in Sober Skills, members attend lectures and educational classes emphasizing spiritual axioms and the 12-steps explained in the BBAA. By creating a supportive, safe community within the Sober Skills program, FHE firmly believes this encourages clients to discover their inner strengths, regain a solid sense of meaning in their lives and achieve goals they have set for themselves.

Sober Skills participants live in one of three residences within walking distance of FHE Health’s main campus. Staffing these homes are mostly FHE and Sober Skills alumni who, from experience, have a deep, compassionate understanding of clients struggling to maintain sobriety and gradually re-enter society as productive, dynamic individuals deserving of a purposeful life.

Why Is Sober Skills an Essential Part of a Recovery Program

Sober Skills - Front of HouseSober Skills is specifically designed to provide comprehensive support to clients as they navigate the difficult process of achieving recovery. Addicts have a more difficult time overcoming their addictions without the assistance of others. Assistance can come from addiction therapists or recovering addicts who have “been there, done that” and can give our Sober Skills clients valuable insight into maintaining sobriety.

Sober Skills facilitates spontaneous open dialogues between clients and staff who have experienced the same painful, realities associated with addiction. In addition, by sequestering clients from accessing environments and individuals who could “trigger” cravings and a relapse, Sober Skills succeeds in significantly improving the ability of clients to go on to live healthy, sober, satisfying lives. Our program also embraces participation of the client’s family and close friends who care deeply about helping clients in Sober Skills.

While participating in Sober Skills, clients gain insight into why they behave the way they do and how they can stop unwanted behaviors. Bewildered and frightened by their addiction, clients ultimately learn, with 24/7 assistance from staff, the psychological and physiological reasons causing the disease of addiction. Given the compassionate and unconditional support of Sober Skills staff, clients discover that overcoming addiction is indeed possible. They also learn that achieving sobriety and being able to maintain sobriety is not like recovering from major surgery.

You cannot just lie in bed and let your body do all the work. Addiction recovery demands that you stay out of bed, keep moving, keep learning and remain focused on what you are being taught by Sober Skills staff. Mastering the ability to concentrate on the mindful activity of living “in the here and now” instead of dwelling on the past is just one of the many skills taught to clients in our Sober Skills program.

What Sets Sober Skills Apart?

Unlike other recovery environments that leave clients to fill in their days by themselves, Sober Skills clients have highly structured days involving holistic activities such as 12-step classes, group meditation, daily devotionals, and group discussions regarding spiritual growth and sobriety. In the afternoons, clients participate in physical activities such as the gym, beach volleyball, swimming, and basketball. Outside Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings are attended daily as well.

Kitchen -Sober SkillsWeekends emphasize entertainment and fellowship activities. Clients will enjoy snorkeling, deep sea fishing trips, sporting events and volunteer work to strengthen a client’s sense of self-esteem and self-worth. FHE Health works with Broward Outreach to provide clients with volunteer opportunities assisting the less fortunate in the community. We also cooperate with Habitat for the Humanity and other local charitable organizations active in our area.

Sober Skills staff encourages clients to participate in a variety of sober recreational activities that have been clinically shown to promote the recovery process by empowering the client’s mental, physical, and spiritual health. Remaining active, socializing with others and setting fitness goals facilitate recovery by naturally making clients feel great about being free of addiction.

Physical activity not only restores good health and well-being but also supports release of endorphin hormones that contribute to a positive mood, better sleep and a stronger immune system. Many Sober Skills clients have been diagnosed with varying degrees of anxiety and depression. Remaining physical and mentally active is the perfect, holistic remedy for alleviating depression and anxiety while benefiting overall physical and mental health.

The mission of Sober Skills is to utilize a spiritual solution and a wide variety of restorative activities, discussions, and group interactions that teach individuals how to remain mindful, focused and engaged in every minute of their lives.

Sober Skills is not your average recovery program. Individuals enrolled in Sober Skills also have access to acupuncture therapy, massage therapy, neurofeedback, and psychological/medical services on an as-needed basis.

Meet Art Jacob, Director of Sober Skills

Art Jacobs, Director of Sober Skills Programs

Since 2004, Mr. Jacob has held many positions at FHE Health, including Director of Admissions, Admissions Coordinator and currently, Director of Sober Skills. A graduate of Springfield College, Art Jacob knows first-hand how difficult it is to battle addiction. Mr. Jacob eventually completed multiple recovery programs and found the moral and spiritual strength to overcome his addiction. He decided the best way to make amends with his parents, who constantly tried to get help for him throughout his battle with addiction, was to become an addiction counselor himself to help others achieve sobriety

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At FHE, we focus on a combination of clinical/holistic methodologies to help clients successfully complete individualized recovery programs. Sober Skills works by emphasizing the importance and long-term benefits of healing the entire body and mind. One of the ways we are able to accomplish this is through recreational activities that release stress, build community and teach valuable life lessons.

Addiction robs individuals of the ability to experience life in a meaningful and productive way. Our innovative Sober Skills retreat inspires clients to participate and enjoy recreational outings, spiritual explorations and educational events that clearly show them how wonderful life can be without abusing addictive substances.

Aftercare and Support Services

Our support services are an invaluable resource for all graduates of FHE and Sober Skills. While FHE’s psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists and counselors provide the best therapeutic care possible during treatment, ongoing support services also offer solid, constructive assistance crucial to addressing the entirety of client’s needs.

Even after clients have completed their individualized recovery program, they can continue to access our support services to further build on the skills they learned while receiving counseling and therapy. FHE Health is always here to provide our clients with the help, support and counseling they need at any time.

We invite you to visit our Alumni & Aftercare page to find out more about FHE Health.

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