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Addiction in Young Adults

The disease of alcoholism and addiction is no longer taboo conversation and awareness of its impact on our communities has become daily headline news. Drug abuse and heroin, in particular, has plagued our country to the point of being recognized as a national health emergency. Specifically, those between the ages of 18-26 have found themselves in the center of the controversy, and in dire need of specialized young adult treatment programs to help overcome their addictions and learn relapse prevention strategies for when they return home.

In 2016, nearly 15,500 people died from a heroin-related overdose. Much of those affected were young adults between the ages of 18-26. Help is available, and if someone you love is in danger due to their alcoholism or drug addiction it is imperative you seek the right help to support their recovery.

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Treatment Programs for Young Adults

If someone you love between the ages of 18-26 is struggling with alcoholism or addiction, Florida House’s treatment program for young adults is equipped with the staff, experience, and resources needed to support them overcome their struggle. We understand the pain they’re going through, but more importantly, we have the experience for surviving the fight many of others have not.

Our young adult treatment programs apply a unique and individualized treatment plan for those struggling with the disease of alcoholism and addiction. By replacing the toxic environment your loved one is currently stuck in with a healthy and loving environment filled with others with the same goal, your loved one gets a fighter’s chance of overcoming a potentially fatal disease.

This environment is closely monitored by experienced and well-trained professionals including doctors, therapists, and technicians best suited for supporting those seeking a new way of life in sobriety. Intensive group sessions, detox, individual and family therapy, individualized life skills, and relapse prevention comprise a rigorous program of action designed to lay a healthy foundation for transitioning back home to a healthy way of living – a sober way of living.

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If someone you love between the ages of 18-26 is struggling with alcoholism or addiction and is in need of a specialized young adult program, please give us a call immediately to discuss your options at (844) 299-0618. Our team is here to be of service to you and your loved one in identifying the best course of treatment, and to help guide you successfully through the journey!

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