Understanding This Disease

It’s important to remember that your loved one is not their disease. Who they are under the influence of drugs and alcohol is very different then the real son, daughter, husband, wife, cousin, etc. you know and love. No one expects you to not feel hurt, sad, or even angry at the pain they’ve caused you and your family. What we can tell you is that the right treatment plan and the right support group can play a major role in helping to remove the obsession to drink and drug from your loved one.

Getting the Right Help

Living with a loved one struggling with alcoholism and addiction can be one of the most difficult hardships we face in our lives. We love them, we care about them, how can they do this to us? How can they do this to themselves? Before taking any drastic action with your loved one, call us today and speak with one of our experts.

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How Should I Ask For Help?

When dealing with a loved one in the throws of alcoholism and addiction, it can be overwhelming to determine what the best course of action is to take in getting them the treatment help they need.

“Should I kick them out of my house?”
“Should I call the police?”
“Should I give them a good smacking and tell them to get it together?”

We understand the difficulty associated with this struggle, and we empathize with your desire to help get them the help and treatment they need to get their life back on track. Determining the best course of action to help your loved one get the help they need is also incredibly frustrating and can even be emotionally traumatizing. What we encourage you to do is first recognize that what they’re dealing with is in fact a medical condition that needs to be treated with a medical approach.

There are several different strategies for properly dealing with a loved one and getting them the help they deserve. The most important one to remember is that you don’t have to do it alone. At Florida House we have years of experience in combating our own struggles and those of our loved ones. With that experience we’ve designed a host of programs and individualized plans for helping your loved one understand the damage they’ve caused to you and others in order to invest themselves in a strategy for a healthier way of living.