Referring a Client?

If you’re a referring professional that has a client you would like to discuss, we would love review their circumstances with you. Together, we can make a clinical decision on what level of care they might need. Give us a call:

(844) 299-0618

Getting the Right Help

We pride ourselves on the longstanding relationships we have built with facilities and care advisors nationwide to handle specific caseloads. We hold ourselves to the same standard we expect of others with respect to the variety of levels of care and the professionalism within our staff. We are more than happy to provide tours of our facilities and have more detailed discussions on how we can work with you.

Levels of Care Available

FHE Health prides itself on being able to service nearly all mental health and substance abuse cases faced by referring professionals. Within the umbrella of FHE Health program, facilities are available to provide premier level of care at the Detox, Partial Hospitalization (PHP), Intensive Outpatient (IOP) and Outpatient (OP) levels of treatment.

In addition to those services offered on FHE Health premises, the longstanding reputation for excellence in care within our communities has also enabled us to formulate strong relationships with additional service providers for continuum care including therapists and halfway house transitional living.

End-to-End Care

One of the most valuable aspects of FHE Health program to referring professionals is having each aspect of the recovery process all under the care of the same staff. In some circumstances, clients at other facilities are forced to move to a different program at each level of care, removing them from the comfort of their surroundings and those they’ve developed close associations with throughout the healing process. Considering the traumatic nature of the disease and its corresponding recovery process, FHE Health felt it imperative that we do our best to ensure those clients working diligently in their recovery can move through each level of care with the same supporting professionals behind them every step of the way.

It’s a miracle for the client and invigorating for their peers and our staff to bare witness to the transformation taking place before their own eyes of a recovering addict and alcoholic. If nothing else, the experience of seeing someone come through our doors on the brink of death and leave months later with clear eyes and a fresh new view on life has a special influence on the overall growth and recovery of our community as a whole.