Have You Had Enough?

On behalf of the entire team at FHE, we promise you, you don’t have to feel the way you do anymore. There is a way out, it does get better, and we are here to help guide you on your journey to a happier way of living. Getting treatment for yourself by asking for help is the first step to this new way of life, and you are halfway there by landing on this page to learn more.

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Getting the Right Help

Asking for help and getting yourself into treatment is a monumental step in the direction you deserve to go. It takes courage to do, and the reward is worth it. With the right support group, getting yourself into treatment will help kick-start your new life. You will be surrounded by others who understand your struggle and know what it takes to leave it all behind. Removing yourself from an unhealthy environment and working a true program of recovery is critical for overcoming your addiction. We will provide you with the resources you need to succeed.

How Should I Ask for Help?

We’re so happy you asked! What’s important to keep in mind is not only how to ask for help but who you should ask as well. Getting help for yourself is easier with the support of the right people:

  1. Ask your family: When wrapped up in the whirlwind of addiction we are blind to how our actions have truly affected others. We might think much of what we’ve been doing has gone unnoticed, but that is simply not the case. Your family may be the first and best choice to discuss getting help with because they care deeply about seeing you get better. From our experience, when recovered families look back on the most critical moments, they always recall when the struggling individual asked them for help to get better. It is a relieving feeling to a family when the addict wants the pain to end as much as the family does.
  2. Ask a close friend: Sometimes we have a fear of going to members of our family for fear of judgement, ridicule, etc. and feel more comfortable asking a close friend for support. Just like family members, many of those in your social circle are well aware of the pain you’re going through and want to see you get better. If you find it easier to ask for help from friends, then do it.
  3. Call Us Directly: In some cases, the fear of talking to anyone you know about what’s going on can be overwhelming – we get it. If you’re uncomfortable reaching out to friends or family for any reason, please know that our staff of experienced and caring professionals are more than happy to listen to your situation. Reach out to us and get the help you deserve immediately!