The Difference Between Addiction and Recovery Is You

Maybe you’re just getting started on the road to sober life. Maybe you’re finding your courage and asking for help. You’re going to go through mental health rehab, to medical detox and/or to a sober living house in Florida – the paths of which are created with a number of factors


The first hurdle of choosing life and yourself over your addiction is realizing you need help in the first place. Everyone needs support and guidance to get from addiction through to treatment and continual recovery, but the difference between being in the thick of addiction and the relief of living a sober life in recovery is you.

You put the hard work in during detox, treatment, and neuro treatment. You make the choices every day that keep you aligned with your goals as a successful sober member of your community. Without your diligence, hope, and resilience your journey can’t continue. But the fact that you’re here tells me everything I need to know. You’ve got this.


Changing for the Better

When you go through treatment and rehab you’ll find your mind shifting. In rehab we learn that being thoughtful of and helpful to those around you can fill your life and change your world for the better. You’ll learn that vulnerability is productive, as well as vital to our lives. The willingness to be open and honest is one that solves a lot of conflict. Being willing to acknowledge your fears and ask questions will both strengthen your relationships and give you more confidence. Also, and perhaps most important: Rehab will teach you that you are 100% worth it. You deserve a healthy and sober life full of joy and peace. And so does everyone else. No one person is better or more deserving than any other. Everyone is worthy of love, and safety, and good health.


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