Work Hard For What You Believe In

You may find that your whole life feels different after going through inpatient drug rehab. South Florida rehab with FHE Health intensive inpatient treatment program addresses every part of a person, from their withdrawal to continuing support after rehab. That kind of comprehensive program can leave you with a new perspective on life, and a need to make the most of your sober life.  One of the most fulfilling ways to do just that is to make sure you’re doing what you love. You have carved a second chance out of life. What are you going to do with it?

Build Something You Love

Working hard is not necessarily restricted to your day job. Maybe your job and your passion work are the same thing – more power to you. But work is about what you want to build more than how you will pay the bills. What do you want to put into the world? Maybe it’s a creative endeavor – writing or singing. Maybe it’s an academic pursuit. Maybe it’s a collection. Or a hobby. If you don’t know what your work is – make your first work finding out what that passion is.


What Should Work Look Like?

A person’s work can take all kinds of forms, the important thing is that it is something you can contribute to, something that you feel passionate about being a part of and putting into the world. It is deeply ingrained in human nature to be fulfilled by toiling at something you believe in. As you recover from the effects of chemical dependence and withdrawal, a firm belief in the work you do will give you purpose when you lose your way and strength when you are feeling weak against the triggers and cravings.


If you need help finding a project here are a few ideas:

  • Literally build something with your hands: a bird house, a tree house, a real house
  • Volunteer for a community project you care about
  • Knit hats and scarves for your entire family for the coming winter
  • Restore a beloved family heirloom
  • Run for office

After going through addiction, detox, and rehab you are ready to dedicate your life to what is truly important to you. Find what those passions are and get going. If you still need to get moving toward ending an addiction, give us a call today.

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