Fall Seven Times, Get Up Eight: Moving on After a Relapse

Moving on after a relapse

Relapse is typically a natural component of the journey through sobriety. This means that having a proper relapse prevention plan and corresponding skills for making it through if it happens are necessary to getting back on the right track. Relapse Happens, Don’t Give Up The process of getting sober is a simple one, but by no means easy…. Read More

7 Reasons to Be Thankful in Recovery

Reasons to be thankful in recovery - 7 reasons

Addiction takes over countless lives, often leaving many lost in its vicious cycle of withdrawals, cravings, and control. Hopelessness and fear are very common feelings for drug abusers. There is the thought that life cannot be lived without their drug of choice. This, however, is far from the truth. It is certainly possible to get help and learn… Read More

5 Reasons to Get Sober Now

5 Reasons to get sober NOW

A life absorbed by alcoholism and addiction can only lead to one of three places over time – jail, institutions, or death. Every day an individual remains active in alcoholism, addiction continues to win. If you’re considering a new way of life and want to know why getting sober might be your best option, this article is for… Read More

Taking Care of Your Mental Health in Recovery

Taking Care of Your Mental Health

If you are in recovery or know someone in recovery, you are likely aware of the proximity of addiction to mental health issues. Addiction, like mental health, has a long history of being stigmatized. Fortunately, the discussion of hidden mental health disorders has been receiving tremendous attention lately. With such tragedies of Robin Williams, Mac Miller, and other well-known celebrities,… Read More

Browns Receiver Ready to Return to NFL after Seeking Drug Addiction Treatment

Browns Receiver Ready to Return to NFL after Seeking Drug Addiction Treatment Josh Gordon, receiver for the Cleveland Browns, has been suspended for more games than he’s played due to drug violations—last September, he was banned indefinitely from the NFL. Now, after seeking drug addiction treatment, he’s ready to play and swears “this time is different.” Gordon got… Read More

Sobriety One Day at a Time


Sobriety One Day at a Time In recovery, you’ll hear the phrase “One day at a time” quite frequently. It’s based on the idea that people generally focus too much on the past and future. This mindset inevitably gets overwhelming, especially for a person newly in recovery. Focusing on the future means that a person is worrying about… Read More