Why Therapy is Vital to Sober Living

Whether you went through drug replacement therapy, went through an outpatient detox center program, or are getting back from a long term drug rehab facility, therapy is a vital piece of the sober life.

Seeking out a therapist at any point in your life can feel difficult. There are a myriad of questions that might flood your mind when you first start considering whether or not you are going to seek out therapy after you complete your treatment.

Where should I start? Do the necessary research to find a therapist and make an appointment. Check out your insurance and see what is covered. Though it has not always been the case, many insurances cover mental health treatment.


Don’t be Embarassed

Is it embarrassing or are we past that yet? Western culture is becoming more and more comfortable with mental health treatment. Especially if someone knows of your struggles with alcohol or drug addiction, it is unlikely that they will be anything but proud of you for taking care of yourself.

Will they assume I’m no longer sober if they know I’m going to therapy? No. Most people recovering from alcohol addiction or drug addiction attend some kind of therapy.

What if I can’t handle it? Therapy does require a lot of hard work and focus. You will probably feel your wounds deeply before they heal completely. But therapy can keep you grounded while you do the hard work of healing, making your recovery success more likely.


Why is Therapy Important?

What makes therapy so important? Therapy is a sanctuary. It’s a safe space from the outside stressors of everyday life, kind of like a mini-rehab, you don’t have to worry about anything else but taking care of yourself, your own needs, healing your own wounds. A good therapist can guide you through understanding yourself and can help you see your path toward healing clearer. There can be so much freedom in allowing yourself someone you can trust yourself with. A therapist can hold your deepest fears, sit with you through anxiety, alarm, success and change. Therapy teaches you about yourself. Understanding yourself and your triggers better is a vital necessity in negotiating the winding path that is recovery.

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