The Opioid Crisis and How to Help

The Opioid Crisis and How to Help

The opioid crisis in the United States is worsening each and every year. In the midst of this trying time in our world, it is important to understand what exactly opioids are, why the addiction rate is growing, and how you can help yourself and your loved ones to stay safe. Drugs like fentanyl, heroin, and pain relievers… Read More

New Opioid Laws Worth Being Aware Of

There are many reasons for the opioid crisis, One of the main components to the crisis is the issue of easy access to the drugs in pill form. New laws aim to fight the easily availability of these drugs to prevent excess pills from being sold or abused. The problem is maintaining a balance where people who have… Read More

Avoiding Opioids as a First Strike

Opioids are strong drugs. They can be a powerful medicine because they don’t cause the same organ toxicity that users of other medicine may face during short-term use. However, they are also incredibly addictive and generally shouldn’t be offered before other solutions have been ruled out, and then only for a short time. Being Informed Being a patient… Read More

How Prescription Opioids Became an Epidemic

For anyone who pays any kind of attention to the news these days (even if that news just comes from social media sites), you have more than likely noticed that there has been an ongoing conversation lately about an “Opioid Crisis”. Considering the fact that you are looking at this page, you yourself are likely experiencing an addiction… Read More

Common Street Names for Opiates

Slang and street names for drugs are always changing so it’s possible that a list like this won’t ever be completely up-to-date. Nevertheless, here are a few of the more common names that you may overhear. Heroin – Brown sugar, china white, smack, dope, hell dust, junk, skag, skunk, tar, white horse, negra, thunder, big H Oxycontin –… Read More

A Recipe for Recovery

Everyone has their own unique situation, but here’s a “recipe” that I have found useful when it comes to recovery, whether you need Xanax detox, and opiate addiction, or are abusing any other substance. Ingredients Acceptance of the need for change Someone you can talk with who can validate your experiences Allowing yourself to cry or express your… Read More

Telling Your Parents You Need Rehab

The first step in getting help for your addiction is to bring your parents on board. It can be a scary and difficult concept, but it is necessary and beneficial in the long run. Parents are your protector and will want to help you. Reaching out for assistance with an addiction to substances like opiates, heroin, Xanax, or… Read More

The $200 Million Promised by NY to Treat Opioid Crisis is Misleading

Although the governor of New York recently said that they will be funneling $200 million into fighting the state’s opioid crisis, that statement is far less impressive than it originally sounds. While the announcement makes it seem like NY would be putting an additional $200 million toward the opioid crisis, they’ll really just be moving the funds from… Read More

Debating the Use of Opioids for Opioid Addiction Treatment

Many within the rehab community are concerned with the notion that opioid withdrawal symptoms are controlled with the use of additional opioids. The practice can work well to keep people from suffering some of the worst of those symptoms, but it is coming under criticism from a number of people within the community. Those against the practice say… Read More

Xanax with Opioids Makes for a Deadly Combination

If you or someone you know is addicted to or abusing both Xanax (or any other benzodiazepine) and a narcotic opioid painkiller (like oxycodone, methadone, Tramadol, and others), you can pretty much forget about having to suffer through opioid or Xanax withdrawal symptoms That’s because taking those two types of drugs together is a very deadly mix, even… Read More