Buddy Bell

Friends Shocked by Buddy Bell Addiction Crisis

One of the biggest challenges with addiction is that often times, even close friends and family are not aware when someone is in a desperate state of addiction.

This was the case this week as Whitney Way Thore broke the news about Buddy Bell to their friend group on My Big Fat Wonderful Life. As reported by People, Thore gathered them together in Tuesday’s episode to tell them that he was doing cocaine recreationally for a few years at first, but recently started using it regularly.

“I can just hardly wrap my mind around it,” Thore’s friend Todd Beasley said. “Buddy just seems so even keeled to me, even though he had his anger outbursts. That’s just part of his personality. I did not see that coming.”

Thore explained to the group that Bell thought he could handle his problem on his own at first.

“I’m a person in long-term recovery myself, and I also work in the substance use field,” Tal Fish explained. “In order to achieve and sustain recovery, you have to get help from other people. It’s not a battle that you can fight by yourself.

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To watch how friends on My Big Fat Wonderful Life are handling the news about Buddy Bell’s cocaine addiction, please visit People.com.

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