Mississippi Gives Drug Case to Feds Hoping For Longer Sentence

Mississippi drug enforcement are passing a case to federal officials in the hopes that they’ll offer a steeper sentence than what their state’s penal codes can offer. Kelvin Roy Thompson, 53, of Jackson, is being prosecuted for crimes related to selling drugs, but Federal laws have extra provisions that allow for longer prison sentences where the drug sales… Read More

New Zealand Woman Pleads Guilty To Being Driver of Drug Sellers

Even abroad, methamphetamine addiction and the people who supply it are still a menace to society. In New Zealand, the Wellington High Court heard a guilty plea from Jonelle Rachel Phillips, 35, for the role she played in transporting meth from Auckland to a million-dollar Wellington drug ring. Her guilty plea was followed by her lawyer arguing that… Read More

Four of Five Accused Drug Sellers Plead “Not Guilty” in Hancock County

Court proceedings are underway for five people accused in an attempt to sell a large amount of drugs out of state. Johnny Honorato, 23, Salomon Lopez, 28, Isidoro Martinez, 19, Stacy McDonald, 29, and Manuel Rivera Sanchez, 36, all residents of Apopka, Florida, are accused of trying to sell more than $100,000 worth of meth in Hancock County,… Read More

Florida Home Raided For Meth After Month of Sheriff’s Planning

Nearly every news story about a drug dealer being taken off the streets is a good story in our books, and as far as drug addiction and Florida are concerned, we could certainly use fewer dealers in the state. St. Johns County Sheriff’s deputies arrested six people after the neighbors complained that they thought there was illegal drug… Read More

Police End Year-long Drug Investigation With Six Arrests, Four Floridians On Same Day

The problem of meth addiction in Florida may have gotten a little easier in the past few weeks. Multiple police agencies capped off a drug investigation lasting over a year with a series of arrests in South Florida and California June 22. Collier County Sheriff’s Office and other national police agencies arrested six people accused of trafficking meth… Read More

Florida Woman Brings Drugs to Jury Duty, Arrested For Bringing Drugs to Jury Duty

Florida may be known for some of the most incredulous crimes its citizens perform, but this one really takes the prize. Kristine Mittler received a summons to attend jury duty at the West Pasco Judicial Center, and like a good public citizen, she obeyed and went. Unfortunately, once she entered the metal detectors in the front of the… Read More

Drug Dealer, Gun Runner Florida Husband and Wife Both Behind Bars

Florida might be notorious for its connection to drug and gun trafficking, but justice took the state a step away from that connection June 15. Susan Nell Anderson, 67, was one of the top suspects in a federal drug case where the dealers would exchange guns as payment to the drug makers. Police had already captured her husband,… Read More