Police End Year-long Drug Investigation With Six Arrests, Four Floridians On Same Day

The problem of meth addiction in Florida may have gotten a little easier in the past few weeks. Multiple police agencies capped off a drug investigation lasting over a year with a series of arrests in South Florida and California June 22. Collier County Sheriff’s Office and other national police agencies arrested six people accused of trafficking meth in South Florida and California, four of whom were arrested that Friday in Florida.

The three Florida counties involved were Collier, Lee, and Sarasota, as well as other counties in California. Michael Stonebreaker, 48, of Naples, is suspected to be the ringleader, and is charged with two counts of conspiracy to traffic meth and two counts of trafficking meth, and has bail set to $3.25 million. Biron Bacher, 48, of Cape Coral, is charged with one count each of conspiracy to traffic meth and trafficking meth, with bail at $2 million. Stephanie Shaw, 43, of Goodland, is also charged with one count each of conspiracy to traffic meth and possession of meth. Her bail is at $300,000. Jason Garff, 49, of Naples, was charged with possession of meth, and has bail at $25,000.


A yearlong investigation ended Friday when the Collier County Sheriff’s Office and other agencies arrested six people involved in trafficking methamphetamine in South Florida and California.


Arrests were made in Collier, Lee and Sarasota counties, and in California.


The sting was called Operation Ice Breaker. “Ice” is a common street name for meth, and detectives thought of adding “Breaker” to the name because of Michael Stonebreaker, one of the “big fish,” said Collier County Sheriff Kevin Rambosk.


During the investigation, detectives seized or purchased about 6 pounds of crystal meth, which had a street value of $96,000, Rambosk’s office said. It was the most meth the Collier Sheriff’s Office ever has seized.


It was “a collaborative effort between our local, state and federal law enforcement partners,” State Attorney Amira Fox said at a news conference Friday. Click Here to Continue Reading

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