Mississippi Gives Drug Case to Feds Hoping For Longer Sentence

Mississippi drug enforcement are passing a case to federal officials in the hopes that they’ll offer a steeper sentence than what their state’s penal codes can offer. Kelvin Roy Thompson, 53, of Jackson, is being prosecuted for crimes related to selling drugs, but Federal laws have extra provisions that allow for longer prison sentences where the drug sales directly lead to overdose deaths. Thompson has pled “not guilty” to three counts of distributing methamphetamine. He was also arrested with heroin on-site, but the heroin has not yet been added to the list of charges, pending more information.

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BYRAM, Miss. (AP) — Mississippi anti-drug officials are handing off prosecution of a suspected drug dealer to federal officials in hopes of indicting him in connection with drug overdose deaths.

The move comes after a bill to mandate harsher punishments in state law failed earlier this year.

Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics Director John Dowdy confirmed Monday that the state let federal agencies prosecute 59-year-old Kelvin Roy Thompson of Jackson. Federal criminal sentences can be lengthened for people selling drugs resulting in overdose deaths.

Thompson has pleaded not guilty to three counts of distributing methamphetamine.

Dowdy, though, says Thompson was also arrested with heroin. He says agents are investigating overdoses connected to Thompson. Dowdy hopes federal officials will seek more indictments if evidence warrants.

Thompson’s lawyer didn’t immediately respond Friday to an email seeking comment. Click Here to Continue Reading

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