What Causes Meth Mouth? (and Other Identifying Drug Symptoms)

What are other indicators of drug use like meth mouth

For those who begin experimenting with drugs in a social setting, it’s easy to assume that getting high and partying with friends is all fun and games. After all, the effects are short term, and in the initial days of use, it is fully possible to balance a normal life with occasional recreational dabbling without significant signs or… Read More

The History of Heroin Treatment in the U.S.

the History of Heroin Treatment in the US

Although alarming amounts of heroin addicts have been present in the United States for over 150 years, the first adequate opioid addiction treatment facilities did not open up until the 1960’s. The slow regulation of opioid distribution after heroin was synthesized opened up a wide doorway for underground markets to emerge making it even harder to control the… Read More

Opioid Epidemic in The USA Pt 2. From Prescription to Overdose

While the current opioid crisis in the United States does include a considerable problem with heroin addiction and overdose, much of the addiction plaguing our society right now is due to the use of opiates that are prescribed for pain medication. Though doctors were hesitant to prescribe opiates due to risk of addiction and health complications after heroin… Read More

Telling Your Parents You Need Rehab

The first step in getting help for your addiction is to bring your parents on board. It can be a scary and difficult concept, but it is necessary and beneficial in the long run. Parents are your protector and will want to help you. Reaching out for assistance with an addiction to substances like opiates, heroin, Xanax, or… Read More

Researchers Investigate Possible Nanotechnology-Based Addiction Therapies

It seems difficult to imagine in the modern day, but the technology of the future is finally beginning to find its way to the real world. In an article in ACS Chemical Neuroscience, Morteza Mahmoudi, who is an instructor at the Department of Anesthesiology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, as well as suggested ways… Read More

Opioid Crisis Slamming US Economy

Economic Impact of Opioid Crisis is Astronomical New data from the American Action Forum shows that the opioid crisis is slamming the US economy, costing tens of billions every year. As reported by the Washington Post, nearly 1 million people were not working because of opioid addiction in 2015, the latest research to show that drug use is… Read More

Cambridge Overdose Map Reveals Surprising Insights

Cambridge Overdose Map

Public Health Map Shows Overdoses Clustered Around T Stops A newly release Cambridge overdose map created by the Department of Public Health reveals surprising insights into where overdoses are concentrated in Cambridge. As reported by Cambridge Day, where do people overdose on drugs in Cambridge? Mostly near MBTA subway stops. We know this because the city’s Public Health… Read More

Prescribed To Death Memorial To Appear At White House

Prescribed to Death 2

Powerful exhibit will make a stop at the White House A National Safety Council exhibit that remembers more than 22,000 people who have died from opioid overdoses will be placed on the South Lawn of the White House in April. As reported by Mass Live, the current administration will pay homage to the 22,000 Americans killed each year… Read More