A&E Show Focuses On Atlanta’s “Heroin Triangle”

Heroin Triangle

Reality TV takes unflinching look at the opioid crisis

A&E’s new show called Intervention dives into the opioid crisis in an unprecedented fashion as it zeroes in on Atlanta, Georgia.

In a collection of affluent suburban communities north of Atlanta called “The Heroin Triangle” the rise of the nation’s opioid crisis, from prescription pills to full-blown heroin epidemic, is documented through city officials, community leaders, and addicts themselves.

As part of the show, they speak with local Cobb County District Attorney Vic Reynolds.

As reported at Law.com, the DA and former defense attorney was featured in the opening of the nine-part documentary series.

Reynolds defines the current challenge in alarming terms for the program.

“We cannot arrest our way out of this heroin epidemic,” Reynolds said on camera. “It cannot be done.”

Reynolds told the Daily Report Wednesday, “Our hope is that this series will help shed light on this epidemic that our county, state and country is in the midst of. We also hope that the series will highlight some of the innovative approaches we are implementing in dealing with this issue in Cobb County, especially the partnerships which have been formed between law enforcement and our treatment community.”

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To learn more about how A&E’s new show is shedding light on Atlanta’s “Heroin Triangle”, please visit Law.com.

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