Going Back to Work After You Have Completed Rehab

When you get back from a Florida alcohol detox and Florida addiction treatment center you may feel nervous about going back to work. Just going home from rehab can be daunting, but the idea of going back to work to face the people you knew, and who remember you all to well, before drug detox and before you attended a long term rehab facility, sounds terrifying. I hope you can take solace and hope from the fact that this is a very normal feeling. Anytime you walk away from your everyday life to do some intense personal work and come back very changed, the idea of integrating back in with your community will of course feel like a monumental task. However, something to keep in mind, not only does almost everyone worry about this, but most everyone integrates back into their lives successfully. It just takes time and patience, and you have it for both yourself and within your community.


Two Strategies for Workplace Success

Don’t forget to get up from your desk to walk around. Sitting down all day isn’t great for your body, and it’s not great for morale either. Working in an office can start to feel depressing if you don’t get up from your chair and walk around a little bit. If you can swing it, take a walk outside a couple of times a day, even if just for ten minutes. Your mood is likely to improve, and your physical well being will also benefit.

Drink more than just coffee! Keep your water bottle filled up. When you’re at work it is easy to nurse a mug of coffee all day long. You fill it up over and over again. It becomes a rhythm. Try to remember to drink water too. Something I like to do is drink one 16 oz cup of water for every 12 oz mug of coffee I drink. This keeps me hydrated and caffeinated!

Keeping your body healthy can make all the difference, and one of the hardest things we do to our body is to keep it cooped up and dehydrated at work. The more undue stress you can remove from your body the more likely you will be to feel a positive and hopeful attitude toward reintegrating at work.

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