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Addiction in the Workplace

It may seem impossible to both keep a career and hide an addiction, however, addiction for working professionals is much more common than one would think. Take a look at the following statistics on addiction in the workplace:

  • Around 20 million working Americans reported alcohol-related impairment in the last year.
  • One in 25 working professionals tests positive for illicit drug use.
  • 75% of addicts still maintain a job despite their substance abuse.

You are far from being alone if you are a working professional struggling with an addiction. While this may comfort some and disturb others, you should certainly be encouraged by the fact that sobriety is achievable through medically backed treatment programs such as those offered at FHE Health. Our team of compassionate professionals is here to help you achieve your recovery goals. It is not too late to take your life back and make it your own again.

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Treatment Programs for Working Professionals

Working professionals struggling with addiction come to put the substance first and their careers second. Even if it may seem as though you can still maintain a job, addiction is not a stagnant process. At some point, keeping up with it will become unbearable, and seeking treatment for the addiction can help prevent an enormous amount of problems. Around $600 billion is lost in the United States annually due to drug and alcohol-related issues. Most of these losses can be attributed to a lack of productivity due to drug or alcohol abuse. The workplace as a whole suffers from addiction, just like you. You owe it to yourself to receive help, and you deserve it. Let us give you medically backed support, as you enter into this new community.

Our recovery services are geared specifically to your needs, as we take an individual approach to each unique patient. We offer a variety of treatment programs for working professionals. Although it depends on the patient’s situation, treatment will typically begin with a medical detox. This is the process through which the addictive substances are flushed from your body. Although this process can indeed be difficult, we always have medically backed supervision at all times to walk you through it.

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Following this initial detox, there are many options for further treatment. Patients typically go through various forms of therapy including individual therapy and communal therapy. There are also programs such as holistic care, which focuses on an organic and natural approach to recovery by taking the whole person into consideration. Twelve-step programs and cognitive behavioral therapy are also available at FHE Health. All of these treatment modalities and therapies are geared toward success for lifelong recovery.

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Maybe you feel like you have hit rock bottom. Maybe you feel as though your addiction is something you will just have to live with. Maybe you feel like sobriety is not a possibility for you because you are just too far gone. No matter how you feel about your addiction, know that it is not too late for you and that you need to seek treatment today. Addiction is incredibly stressful on both yourself and your loved ones, financially taxing, and negatively life-altering as the substance becomes a crutch just to get you through each day.

If you are looking for help for yourself, a loved one, or for a working professional in your life, please do not hesitate to contact our team of compassionate counselors to get started the on the road to recovery today. We offer around the clock service to answer any questions you may have.

It is never too late to take your life back from your substance addiction. Take the first step in the journey toward recovery today, and let us take it with you. We are ready to show you your new life.

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