Finding Your Confidence After Successful Rehab Treatment

It can be scary leaving rehab. Rehab was a ready source of solidarity in a struggle that can feel so alone and hopeless. But there’s a lot you can do to gain confidence in your self and your ability to thrive after rehab.


Follow a long forgotten dream. Once you’re feeling a little more settled, consider going back to school to chase a dream that maybe you abandoned. When you were younger did you want to be a teacher, a scientists? Maybe you were fascinated by history and wanted to be archeologist. Why not consider going back to school to chase that dream! Learning something new can help you move on and you can begin to feel a tangible newness in your life, you can feel something blooming in you that wasn’t there when you were in the thick of addiction.

Get your house deep cleaned – Having a clean space can keep you feeling more in control of your life. Chaos in your living space can take a toll on your morale and can distract you from productive and healthy sober living. Giving your home a good deep cleaning can make you feel freer and more centered.

Stock your cupboards with Healthy Food – Consider going through your cupboards and getting rid of anything that might trip up a healthy lifestyle. It’s totally fine to indulge every now and then, but keeping that stuff in your cupboards can make it difficult to achieve proper nutrition. Snack on carrots, apples, nuts, or whole grains. Try to leave things like ice cream, cookies, and anything fried for an occasional splurge.

Get a tune up and car wash. Really. I’m serious. This may seem like a strange suggestion, but when you get back from rehab, one of the best things you can do is remove any stress that you can from your life. Making sure you have safe and reliable transportation can do wonders for your stress levels as you go to and from work, school, or any activity.


Above all else, the best way you can keep yourself on the road to success after your medically supervised alcohol detox is to allow yourself a sense of adventure and daring. It takes courage to get help, so you already know just how brave you can be. Remember to have compassion for yourself as you reach for what you never could have before treatment. The more you take care of the logistical necessities and reach for your big dreams, the more confidence you’ll find within you.

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