Drug Detox In Florida – Step 1

For addicts who want to get treatment, going to drug detox in Florida is the first step. After prolonged periods of substance abuse or addiction, quitting can be difficult, mentally and physically. The threat of strong withdrawal symptoms can prevent many addicts from getting the help them need. Drug detox in Florida helps addicts through this process and prepares them for the rehab by ridding their body of harmful toxins so that they can begin treatment in a healthier, stronger state.

Drug detox in Florida provides a comfortable and safe place for addicts to go through the withdrawal process. When a person attempts to stop using on their own, their withdrawal symptoms can be severe and in some cases cause serious medical complications. Withdrawal symptoms can vary from person to person and substance to substance.  Common withdrawal symptoms include aches and pains, chills, anxiety, paranoia, seizures, muscle cramps, and more. Quitting cold turkey is often unsuccessful and can pose major health risks for certain individuals. In drug detox in Florida, medical professionals are on hand throughout the entire process to keep clients safe and stable. Client’s withdrawal symptoms are also managed carefully by administering cross-tolerant medications that will alleviate some of the pain and anxiety they may experience. Although clients will still experience withdrawal symptoms during drug detox in Florida, they will be far less intense and easier to get through.

During the first few hours at a drug detox in Florida, a client’s drug history, psychiatric history and medical history will be taken, as well as a review of any symptoms they may be experiencing, in order to develop an initial treatment plan. An average stay at a drug detox in Florida is 5-7 days, however it will vary depending on their individual situation and the substance or substances they have been abusing. Although intimidating, going to a drug detox in Florida is an important step in recovery. After treatment at a drug detox in Florida, clients are no longer physically or chemically dependent on drugs or alcohol. They will be more prepared to begin treatment and will get more out their treatment after having attended a drug detox in Florida.

With so many drug detox programs in Florida, deciding what program will be right for you or your loved one can be difficult. When researching drug detox in Florida an important aspect to look for is individualized treatment. Addiction and withdrawal is a different process for everyone and drug detox in Florida should be tailored to every client’s individual needs. Choosing the right drug detox in Florida can make a huge difference in a client’s recovery process.

FHE Health understands the need for safety and support during drug detox. We provide medically monitored detox right on campus. Our staff provides excellent care and support to all clients. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, please call us at (844) 299-0618 or email us for more information on our drug detox in Florida.

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