After Drug Rehab Now What

Many people emerge from recovery wondering “I made it through drug rehab and now what?” Working back into a normal life can seem almost as challenging as stepping into recovery in the first place. The staff at FHE Health understands the concerns and work with you to make the transition easier.

Understanding the What after Drug Rehab

– Things will have to continue to chance. Old friends will come with old habits and those are things that you must avoid at all costs. Find new places to hang out and new habits to fill that time.

– Support must continue. Recovery may be something only you can do, but it is not a solo act. You will want to find regular support meetings and attend as often as your schedule will allow.

– Recovery will no longer be your full time job. Leaving rehab means moving back to a normal routine of work and life. Try to find a job that will be supportive of your recovery and will not put you back into contact with the habits that dug your pit of addiction.

Making the transition into real life can be a tough job. It is important to spend some time thinking about what happens after drug rehab.

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