Admitting To Your Partner That You Have a Drug and Alcohol Addiction

You remember the day you met. You remember the way their eyes met yours, the way their presence made you feel the closer they got to you. You remember all of the times you’ve been there for them, but more often you can remember the way they’ve been there for you. The idea of telling your significant other that you have an addiction to drugs or alcohol is unimaginable. Your pride may as well overwhelm all of your senses completely just thinking about the idea of telling the one you love that you have succumb to addiction. It’s the kind of thing everyone thinks they’re immune to. The stigma against addiction and those who experience it invades your thoughts and your courage starts to wane. But you’ve got to do it. You have to seek out medically supervised alcohol detox facility and a drug detox rehab center and you need their support as you start your journey to a sober life.

Three things to keep in mind as you have this conversation with your spouse.

  1. This is hard for you, but it is also deeply painful for your spouse. Your partner is also going through a hard time as the two of you begin working on creating a treatment plan for your near and distant future. Be patient with them as they digest the news. As they digest your needs and pain. And as they accept the roll they will be taking on as your support base, your bridge to the outside world if you are going to an inpatient detox and rehab center.
  2. Try to be thoughtful of how you can help your spouse to adjust to the changes that will be coming in both of your lives. Be gentle if they seem angry, hurt, or depressed with the news of your alcohol or drug problems. Help them understand that you want to be sober and that with their help you will face, with courage and determination the hard work that comes with addiction treatment.
  3. Don’t forget who you are to one another. If your in a safe and supportive relationship there is no reason to believe that your partner will be anything but loving through the time you seek out medical detox and rehab treatment. It make take some time to digest the changes it will bring into your lives, the logistical and emotional shifting that will need to happen. But be confident in your love. Let them know that you are still you.

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