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Treatment Programs for Seniors

It may feel as though your life is wasting away. You may feel you are the only one in need of substance abuse treatment as a senior adult. Let us be the first to tell you that these thoughts are entirely false. There is treatment available that is tailored specifically to senior adults like you.

You may be wondering if you will be able to endure the harsh realities of rehab as a senior adult. You may have co-occurring disorders or other medical conditions. You may even wonder if seeking sobriety as a senior adult is worth it. First of all, it is never too late to get help, regardless of your age. Second, know that addiction is just as common in seniors as it is in younger individuals.

At FHE Health, we offer a hospital level of care fully equipped to cope with any other medical conditions you may be experiencing. With the close attention and care of our experienced medical experts, you do not need to worry if you can handle it. All you need to do is commit to becoming sober, and let us take it from there. The time to seek help is now. Do not wait to get plugged into a senior treatment program.

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Addiction in the Elderly

Addiction is often slightly more difficult to identify in senior adults. Here are a few statistics:

  • Addiction in the elderly is just as common as addiction in any other age.
  • However, addiction is often under-estimated and under-diagnosed for those age 65 and older.
  • Addiction in the elderly may be due to a variety of causes including retirement, loss of a family member, loss of income or financial strain, health decline, etc.

At FHE Health, we strive to treat all individuals with the care and respect they deserve, especially senior adults who may have ended up with and addiction due to a variety of circumstances.

We acknowledge that addiction is incredibly difficult to cope with regardless of age, however, in the case of the elderly, addiction tends to present more serious life-threatening risks unique to those who are aging. The possibility that their bodies cannot handle the stress that detox may put them through is very real. Luckily, we offer hospital level care, that will treat your addiction like the disease that it is while keeping your safety in high priority.

You are never too old for treatment. It is not too late to take your life back. It is not too late to begin your journey to recovery. Get checked into our senior treatment program today and let your addiction finally become a thing of the past.

Mental Health in Seniors

It may surprise many individuals, but mental illness is not necessarily a natural result of aging. Nevertheless, one in four seniors has some form of mental illness ranging from depression and anxiety to PTSD or bipolar disorder. Struggling with a mental illness as a senior adult can be extremely difficult, yet we offer senior treatment programs for recovery from mental illness as well. We offer a variety of hospital-like treatments, most of which involve some form of individual or group therapy.

Mental Health Programs

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It is never too late to receive treatment. There is still time for you to recover, and there is always life left to be lived to the fullest. Although there is still an increased risk for patients with a mental illness at an older age, you can refuse to accept the lie that says, “This is just how it is when you age.” It is just as important at any age to receive the mental health and well-being you deserve. Take the first leap of faith today by contacting us for more information regarding mental health treatment programs for senior adults.

Looking for Senior Treatment Programs?

If you are looking for help for yourself or a senior adult in your life, then look no further. Our senior treatment programs offer supportive hospital-level care to best care for you or your loved one through the process of recovery. Please do not hesitate to let us help you walk through this journey. Contact us to check into our senior treatment program today, and take back your life. You deserve it.

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