What is Wellness?

Wellness is one of those words we often hear, but can have a nebulous definition. People throw it around all the time–vegetable X promotes wellness, exercise Y is a wellness-centered activity–but what does this actually mean? At its simplest, wellness is the state of being healthy, but we can break it apart into several key components.

Extended Definition

On its own, health can be active or passive. We can do all the right things and still be sick, but wellness is something that is active. Wellness is consciously sought, pursued. Wellness also has several components which comprise it:

  • Educational
  • Occupational
  • Physical
  • Social
  • Spiritual
  • Intellectual

Addressing all these categories can build a sense of fulfillment. (Please note that spiritual does not necessarily imply any belief in the supernatural, it can describe a sense of peace attained through meditation, deep contemplation, etc.)

Achieving Wellness

We live in a society where so much interferes with wellness. Jobs, school, family life, politics, social media, etc. all fight for our time and mental attention. Even being around toxic people can build tension in our muscles, stress, and anger.


Many people don’t understand how much all aspects of our lives are connected. We often deal with this confusion through self medicating, and burying our heads in the sand. One great way to explore which aspect needs addressed is by training yourself to pay conscious attention to the feelings in your body. If you are around a certain coworker do you feel your stomach clench up? Do you feel stupid sometimes when other people are able to solve problems quickly when you can’t? Very often, these are signs that we have room to address issues in our lives. Many people fill this vacuum with drug or alcohol abuse, but if you consciously pursue wellness instead, you can be far healthier.


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