Ways to Make a Clean Break Without Upending Your Life

When you come back from time in a medically supervised alcohol detox program or time at a drug rehab facility you may feel like you need to change everything about your life in order to succeed at sobriety. But upending your entire existence is neither practical nor necessary. If you’re feeling like you need a big change or clean break from where you were before rehab, try these three ideas.

  • Music is like a friend that accompanies you through the best and worst of life. But it also has the unfortunate affect sometimes. Music can sort of embed itself in your memories. Sometimes when you hear a song you start to feels sad. You might not even realize why at first. Eventually the bad memory resurfaces and you change the song. If old favorites keep bringing back hard memories or feelings, why not check out some new music. You could ask a friend to make you a playlist of songs they love. You could make a radio on Spotify or any other music listening application from a song that brings you back to a happy place. Changing your musical atmosphere can feel like a complete change of landscape.
  • Before you went through long term rehab your life was largely spent looking forward to your next high or your next drink. You sought out help and after drug detox and time at an alcohol treatment facility you are ready to fill your day with healthy choices and a conscious decision to live the sober life. But how will you fill your days? You need a hobby. Or a goal to work toward. Most people have things they day dreamed about becoming or doing some day. Sort through those ideas and find one that feels real. Focus on taking one step forward at a time. Refocusing your life can sometimes be all you need to stay motivated.
  • Volunteer. Sometimes all we need to do when we feel stuck in life is to change up our community a little and in spite of what it sounds like, it’s not that hard to do. It can feel difficult to intentionally shape the sphere of friends you encounter from day to day, but after alcohol detox and treatment programs, sometimes it is necessary to seek out community that is a more positive presence in our lives than we had before we went through medical detox. Volunteering for a cause we believe in can be a great way to find a healthy community. Try reading to residents at assisted living communities, or walking dogs for the humane society. Either way don’t forget to being open to bonding with new people.

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