Three Steps to a Healthier Diet

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Poor eating habits can lead to lasting health problems. If you are a recovering alcoholic or have struggled with drug addictions, it is possible that those addiction related health problems could worsen under the influence of poor eating habits. After doing all of the hard work of medical detox or seeking out and attending the best drug rehab facility for you, you will want to safeguard the progress you’ve made. One of the ways you can do that is by eating a balanced and healthy meal. Keep these three things in mind.

  • Don’t eat fat free. Your cells are formed by the nutrients you consume, and they need fat to help build a strong infrastructure, one that’s resistant and healthy. The important thing is to study up on what fats are “good” fats and which are “bad”. what feels right to your body and make your food choices from there. Pay attention to the kinds of fats you’re eating. Certain oils are healthier for you than others. Also, heads up, when something is marked “fat free” on packaged foods, you can almost bed they took the fat out and added sugar in its place.
  • Speaking of sugar, try to avoid it. Our bodies were made to subsist on gathered grains, wild game, with the occasional boost of sugar from berries, or tree fruit. We aren’t hunter, gatherers anymore but the fact that we move less than our ancestors means we should be eating less sugar, not more. It’s a little bit of work trying to avoid added sugar in this day and age, so you’ll have to read labels as you shop.

    When you eat sugar it spikes your blood glucose levels and then eventually those levels crash hard. This creates a sense of lethargy and sleepiness. That 2pm slump at the office, that’s related to your blood sugar, or glucose, levels. When people’s blood sugar spikes or plummets it changes their mood and energy levels.

  • Don’t skip meals. Eat balanced snacks and meals consistently so that your body has the energy and nutrition to keep you going on the road to a lifetime of sobriety.

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