A Look at Fentanyl Side Effects and More

Fentanyl is an opioid narcotic used as a pain relieving mediation and is often used by medical professionals in conjunction with other drugs as an anesthesia. Fentanyl is also used as a recreational drug. It is a popular drug to mix with cocaine or heroin.   Fentanyl is a fast acting and short lasting opioid that can be… Read More

Identical Triplets Arrested For Running Drug Ring

North Carolina can breathe a sigh of relief now that a drug ring selling things like Xanax bars laced with fentanyl, and other such drugs to local addicts and teenagers. The Dossou triplet brothers, Atsou, Atsouste and Etse, 21, were each arrested May 31 in Raleigh with a large rap sheet, including possession, manufacturing, intent and actual sale… Read More

Woman Loses Two Sons to Opioids In One Night

Researchers Hoping to Better Understand Fentanyl’s Impact For Becky Savage, June 14th, 2015 remains a blur. Her two oldest sons – Nick and Jack were celebrating at high school graduation parties, and both overdosed and died. As reported by CNN, “Everything just kind of seemed like a blur that day,” Becky Savage said. “Your mind is not really… Read More

Fentanyl Research Blocked By DEA Restrictions

Researchers Hoping to Better Understand Fentanyl’s Impact Researchers at the NIH want to better understand how fentanyl impacts brain function, but recently, access to fentanyl has been blocked by DEA restrictions. As reported by Fortune, overdoses from synthetic opioids called fentanyl have surged more than 500 percent since 2013, killing roughly 20,000 people in the U.S. in 2016… Read More

Fentanyl-Laced Cocaine Leaving Trail of Overdoses Across the Country

Fentanyl Laced Cocaine

Deadly Fentanyl Increasingly Found In Cocaine Fentanyl-laced cocaine is causing overdoses all across the country, and leaving a trail of unexpected death and heartbreak. As reported by NPR, a pipe was the only sign of drug use found near Chris Bennett’s body in November. But it looked like the 32-year-old Taunton, Mass., native had stopped breathing and died of… Read More

Even Toddlers Endangered By Opioids

Child Overdose

More Than 30,000 Children Poisoned By Household Drugs With millions of parents struggling with addiction, there have been growing numbers of young children suffering from accidental overdose. As reported by Medical Xpress, tens of thousands of toddlers and preschoolers are accidentally poisoned when they get into the drug stash of a parent or older sibling, claims a new report… Read More

As Opioid Prescriptions Decline, Heroin Overdoses Skyrocket

As Opioid Prescriptions Drop, Addicts Switch to Street Drugs With Deadly Consequences While opioid prescriptions have declined due to aggressive government regulations and shutting down pill mills, heroin related overdoses have skyrocketed. As reported by the Washington Post,  research from the American Action Forum shows that as authorities cracked down on the overprescribing of powerful painkillers, international cartels filled the void with… Read More

Ohio School Nurses Start Carrying Narcan

As Overdoses Hit Ohio Communities, Schools Arm Themselves With Narcan With the opioid crisis continuing to devastate Ohio communities, many schools have started to carry Narcan as a precaution for any students or parents who overdose on school grounds. As reported by WCBE 90.5,  the U.S. Surgeon General has issued an advisory, encouraging more Americans to carry the opioid… Read More

Narcan Creating False Sense of Security for Heavy Drug Users

Narcan Rescue

Addicts Now Need Multiple Doses of Narcan – But Many Can’t Be Saved As Narcan becomes increasingly widespread, it has helped to save countless lives, but it is also providing a false sense of security for many heavy drug users. As reported by NBC 24, “We can kind of tell when a new shipment of drugs will come into… Read More