Why Addiction Isn’t Necessarily a Moral Failure

Is addiction a moral failing?

It is important to differentiate addiction from a moral failure. Those plagued with a medical disease are prone to a complete lapse in judgement in direct conflict with a moral code, but from a medically induced disassociation with reality. Drug Addict or Bad Person? There is widespread accusation and stereotype into the character of those addicdsted to drugs… Read More

Learning Self-Control in Recovery

Learning Self-control in Recovery

When trying to break an addiction to a substance, it very often involves having to experience strong cravings and withdrawal. In order to get through the short-term effects of withdrawal and to maintain long-term recovery, practicing self-control helps. This isn’t to say that addiction or relapse is a moral failing of the individual. Addiction is an insidious disease… Read More

Fall Seven Times, Get Up Eight: Moving on After a Relapse

Moving on after a relapse

Relapse is typically a natural component of the journey through sobriety. This means that having a proper relapse prevention plan and corresponding skills for making it through if it happens are necessary to getting back on the right track. Relapse Happens, Don’t Give Up The process of getting sober is a simple one, but by no means easy…. Read More

Is the 12 Step Program Right for You?

Is the 12-step Program Right for you?

The 12-Step Program was originally promoted by Alcoholics Anonymous and is one of the most common forms of treatment at recovery centers. While it has worked for many people, some find issues with its construction and religious element. Many variations are available in addition to other completely different addiction treatment options to help addicts achieve sobriety. What is… Read More

Coping with Cravings: 5 Methods to Consider

Coping with Cravings - FHE Blog

In today’s world, many of us are either struggling with addictions ourselves or we know someone who is. Unfortunately, part of the problem with addiction is that fact that once the substance is no longer present, withdrawal sets in, causing all sorts of other issues that tend to keep the addict stuck in the addiction. Withdrawal is a… Read More

Can Recovery Begin Without Hitting Rock Bottom?

Can recovery begin without hitting rock bottom: FHE Blog

Drug addiction is not a rural issue, an urban one, nor is it a suburban problem. Substance abuse in the United States is a rapidly growing phenomenon that affects each and every one or us whether directly or indirectly. Habits are hard to give up, but it is important that we relinquish the ones that adversely impact our… Read More

How Sleep Helps Your Recovery

How Sleep Helps Your Recovery

For some people sleep is not a priority. They fully admit that they are able to function without sleep. Many individuals will sacrifice sleep to have more relaxation time after work, sacrifice sleep for going out, or even to do work or school projects. Sleep is thought of as something that is nice, but not needed. This is… Read More

Four Alcohol-Free Drinks To Order At The Bar

Even if you refuse every social invitation that will involve bars or clubs where alcohol consumption is assumed, it’s hard to avoid being out these days without someone around you consuming alcohol. If you’re at a wedding or restaurant someone is probably ordering a drink. Something that makes it hard to stick to your life of sobriety is… Read More