Substance Abuse and People with ADHD

ADHD, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, is not easy. People with this disease have an extremely hard time concentrating. Depending on the severity of their ADHD, they can have trouble staying focused, daydream frequently, fidget, forgetfulness, chattiness, trouble following directions, frequently lose things, and frequently interrupting. ADHD isn’t a bad habbit or laziness, it is a real medical condition that should be respected as such. Unfortunately, because our culture has yet to catch up with our scientific knowledge, people with ADHD face many challenges in society.

Stress and Anxiety from ADHD

The hierarchical leadership of most American workplaces can be really challenging for people with ADHD. Bosses require tasks completed in a specific way and often won’t tolerate the challenges ADHD brings. Many people with the disease are afraid to bring their condition to their boss’ attention for fear of discrimination.


Even outside of the workplace there are challenges. Children with ADHD have been shown to be ten percent more likely to be admitted to a hospital with major injuries than children without. Adults might find they have low confidence and often feel like they’re flawed or constantly messing up. This can result in depression, anxiety, poor coping methods, and toxic relationships.


Sedatives and ADHD

Unfortunately, many people with ADHD attempt to solve it by self medicating with sedatives such as alcohol, painkillers, benzos, heroin, or cannabis. These drugs makes it feel like their brain is working at a different pace which can be relaxing. One study suggests that fifteen percent more kids with ADHD have tried drugs by age 15 compared to those without.


There are medications that are much better at managing ADHD, so rather than self-diagnosing and possibly making your situation worse, we encourage you to speak with your doctor to learn ways that you can get more effective treatment.


If you have been self medicating to deal with your ADHD, get help immediately so you can move forward on a proper treatment. There are detox centers throughout Florida which can help you with your recovery and get you on a treatment plan that respects the challenges of ADHD. Learn more by calling us today at (844) 299-0618.


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