Inpatient Rehab vs. Outpatient Rehab

What is a drug rehab?

rehabA drug rehabilitation center is a place one goes to receive treatment for an addiction. Drug rehabs over many services like detox, inpatient drug treatment, outpatient drug treatment and after care services.

Drug rehabs focus on detoxing, stabilizing, healing, teaching and then re-introducing its’ clients back into society. Drug rehabs are not hospitals but treatment centers with certified physicians and nurses that specialize in addiction. After their stay, drug rehabs connect their clients with local halfway houses and recovery based businesses to help further facilitate their recovery.

How do I know I need rehab?

Coming to terms with your addiction is a process and decision that only you can make. Take a look at these questions and answer them honestly.

  • Are you using a substance to numb your physical and emotional pain?

  • Are you calling out of work, school or other obligations due to being drunk, high or hung over?

  • Are you using all or a large portion of your money on your drugs?

  • Are you losing friends and relationships over your drug use?

  • Are you lying to cover up your addiction?

  • Are you cheating, stealing and engaging in illegal activities due to your addiction?

  • Have you found yourself in a dangerous or life-threatening situation over your addiction?

  • Have you been arrested or jailed over your addiction?

If you’ve said yes to any of these questions you might need drug rehab. Call us at 844-299-0618 and we can help you figure out what kind of treatment is best for you.

Should I attend inpatient drug treatment or outpatient drug treatment?

If you’ve decided that you need help with your substance abuse problem and/or addiction (which includes compulsive behaviors and eating disorders) then you’ll want to do your research on detox, inpatient drug treatment, and outpatient residential care.

  • Detox – Drug detoxification is not like inpatient drug treatment, although the two often are confused. A drug detox can either happen at a 3rd party drug detox clinic that only specializes in detoxing or it can happen at the treatment center. When you detox you will be weaned off of the addictive substance you are on. You cannot enter inpatient drug treatment or outpatient drug treatment while you have drugs in your system. Drug detox takes 7- 10 days to complete. During detox you will be allowed to attend a meeting everyday, have smoke breaks, go for a walk, talk to other clients and most importantly sleep for as long as you can/want. The point of detox is to start the healing process so there won’t be much to do.

  • Inpatient Drug Treatment – Inpatient drug treatment is where a lot of the intense individual therapy and trauma resolution therapy will occur. You will also start to write down your feelings in a journal, participate in exercise groups that do everything from Yoga to Zumba, receive massage and chiropractic services as well. Inpatient drug treatment programs are more extensive and in depth than detoxes. This is where you’ll learn where the root of your addiction lies and find ways to cope and heal from it

  • Outpatient Drug Treatment – Outpatient drug treatment is different from drug detox and inpatient drug treatment in that you no longer will reside at a rehabilitation facility. Outpatient drug treatment is best for individuals who have been sober for more than 30 days and are back on track in their personal and professional lives. Outpatient treatment provides the same resources as inpatient but the client will come to the rehab facility for groups and individual therapy sessions. They will go to work as they normally would and go back home at the end of the day. Some outpatient drug treatment clients reside in a halfway house and others in non-sober based apartments, houses or other residential areas.

If you or a loved one is in need of inpatient drug treatment then we can help. Please contact FHE Health at 844-299-0618.


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