Don’t Waste Time Feeling Sorry For Yourself

Self Pity is not only miserable for you, but it is also really bad for you. That kind of focus on how hard you have it, with a kind of hopeless underneath of it can be really damaging when you’re coming back from the medical detox center in Florida. Addiction treatment centers will teach you, through Florida psychiatric services and other kinds of therapy, that a concentration on the pain and trauma is necessary for healing, and understanding where you are. You need to pay attention to those feelings and emotions. But you also need to allow them to shift.


Don’t Let Bad Thoughts Revolve Around In Your Brain

That’s a huge trap. Self pity can sometimes cause you to allow some really harmful talk to become almost a poisonous mantra. You hear the same negative sentence in your brain over and over again like it’s a track meant to tear you down that’s playing on repeat. It’s a hard thing to stop and it will likely land you back in the arms of addiction if you aren’t very careful to stop that kind of brain behavior.

Your Pain and Trauma are Valid and You Can Live a Sober Life

It’s easy to get stuck asking “why me” or feeling hopeless. But if anyone could ever answer that question this world would make more sense. Bad guys would always loose and good guys would always win. But the thing is that we don’t live in a comic book, and it just isn’t always that way. It’s not fair, but not much really fits that elementary vision of the world anyway and you have to make your own peace in this world. The great thing is that you totally have it in you to do it.


Show Love to Others to Remember that You are Lovable too

I’m not saying this should be your only motivation. But when you help others, when you actively love someone else, it reminds you of what it feels like to be out of that bad mantra space. It reminds you that we are all lovable. That though life can be so very broken and can feel so hopeless, really the little moments shared between two humans, giving and receiving love, can help you remember that if you want the world to be a place of love, you have to start actively putting that love out there.


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