One Scary Aspect of Withdrawal That You Need to Be Prepared For: The Emotional Dimensions of Detox

One scary aspect of withdrawal that you need to be prepared for

When you’re in detox, you might expect some physical symptoms of withdrawal, but the emotional symptoms might catch you unaware. The psychological effects of withdrawal can make detox more difficult and can even make you avoid or procrastinate entering a treatment program. According to the National Institutes of Health, only 18.5 percent of the approximately 22.5 million people in America who need treatment… Read More

A Foundation for Recovery: Inpatient Mental Health Rehab

When do you need inpatient mental health help?

Mental health rehabilitation is an opportunity for people to get the care they need. It’s always beneficial for patients in high-risk and severe situations to receive inpatient care. However, it also helps men and women battling mental illness to gain stability and control over their health right away. Mental illness is not uncommon. The National Alliance on Mental Illness states… Read More

Closing the Gap: Income and Addiction Survival Rates

How your income has an impact on survivability of Addiction

Most people would say that there’s no inequality when it comes to fighting addiction, and that everyone has equal access to treatment programs. Recent studies look at how treatment for any disease isn’t always the same for the poor or people without health insurance. That translates into higher stakes for those who have an addiction. Cancer as an… Read More

Step-by-Step: A Practical Guide for Getting Treatment

The step by step guide to getting treatment

Entering drug and alcohol treatment provides a turning point for many. If you’ve decided you’re ready to explore your options, FHE Health offers the tools and resources to help you. A careful plan can help you manage each area of your life and prepare for recovery. This guide aims to give you a step-by-step process for entering rehab…. Read More

Losing Yourself: Ego-Syntonic and Ego-Dystonic Behaviors in Addiction

How EgoDystonic behavior begins controlling the addict

Addiction is a complex disease that impacts all aspects of your life. It affects you physically, emotionally, spiritually and psychologically, causing you to change how you think, feel and act. When you’re struggling with addiction to a particular substance like heroin, alcohol, opiates, or a combination of different drugs, chances are good that your addiction likely seemed to be safe… Read More

Trends in Drug Use: Are There Benefits in Microdosing Psychedelics?

The trend of microdosing psychedelics

Psychedelic drugs derived from plants have been used for thousands of years by medicine men, shamans and spiritual leaders in ceremonies and rituals to create connections between humans and the spiritual world. In 1938, the Swiss scientist Albert Hofmann synthesized LSD while attempting to develop a respiratory stimulant, and he accidentally discovered the hallucinogenic effects of the drug five years later. He went… Read More

12-Step Programs: Why They Still Work

12-step programs: Why they still work

A 12-step program is one component of drug and alcohol treatment for those who suffer from addiction. This model of treatment has been heard of by many people through organizations such as Alcoholics Anonymous. Some may not believe this treatment program is right for them, but there is evidence that it works well to help people to get… Read More

Social Anxiety and Recovery: The Fear of Speaking in Groups and Other Barriers to Getting Help

How Social anxiety can stand in the way of recovery

Some of the barriers to seeking mental or behavioral health treatment, including treatment for addiction, are well-known. Despite the increase in social recognition of addiction and mental health disorders as legitimate diseases, a stigma remains, and it prevents some people from getting the help they need. Other people believe they can’t afford to get help. Another reason people… Read More

Limitless: Hone Your Mind With Neuro-Rehab

How Neuro-rehab can help you achieve peak performance

Imagine what could happen if your brain was working at its highest, most efficient level. If you were a musician, you could compose your best work and play it with confidence. If you were an executive, you could make financial decisions with clarity. While this may seem like wishful thinking, it is possible to improve your brain’s performance, allowing… Read More

Contacting a Loved One in Rehab: The Basics

Can you contact a loved in while they are in rehab?

When you have a close friend or family member who struggles with addiction to drugs and alcohol, you might be at a loss for what to do once they enter rehab. Chances are good you’ve spent weeks, months or even years waiting for them to finally decide it’s time to deal with their substance abuse issues, and that… Read More