The Dangerous Effects of Drug Abuse on the Heart

The Dangerous Effects of Drug Abuse

Can drugs affect the heart? The answer to that is yes, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. The type of impact ranges widely, from creating abnormal heart rates to putting you at risk for a heart attack. Injections themselves pose risks as they damage the veins and create the potential for infections. Though many men and women… Read More

How Drugs and Alcohol Can Increase Your Risks of Cancer

How drugs and alcohol can increase your risk of cancer

Can drinking alcohol cause cancer? Does smoking marijuana increase your risk of developing cancer? There’s a well-established link between cancer and drug addiction. Though most people recognize the psychological and physical damage these substances can create, many don’t think of the risk of cancer as a result of addiction. It’s also true that those with cancer may be… Read More

Overcoming Your Fears of Heroin Detox

How to overcome your fears of heroin detox

Depictions of heroin withdrawal in TV, film and other media are harrowing, and in real life, detox from heroin and other opiates has a reputation as being one of the most difficult. This is part of the reason why detox from heroin can be a source of fear for people beginning their recovery. Of course, this is not the main reason why… Read More

Why Psychoeducation Groups Are Effective at Treating Mental Health Issues

Why Psychoeducation Groups Are Effective at Treating Disorders

Psychoeducation isn’t always well understood by the public or by those who seek out group therapy. Yet, its premise is very simple and very valuable. Psychoeducational groups work to educate those who are seeking mental health disorder or addiction treatment on how to live with these conditions. It’s not a new concept, having been in use for over 100… Read More

Got a Substance Abuse Trust? Learn About the Benefits

Do you need a substance abuse trust?

Estate planning is a complicated process, even for those with modest assets. The question of how to allocate assets, protect assets and provide for children and grandchildren is a deeply personal situation and will vary greatly from one family to another. Standard steps, like drafting wills, are recommended for everyone, but more specific situations may warrant unique avenues… Read More

How Broward County and Deerfield Beach Are Saving Lives from Addiction

How broward county detox is saving lives

Choosing to enter a detox program is an enormous decision that can help you break free of harmful addictions and recover the life you once had. At FHE Health, we work with every patient to design a regimen to meet their specific needs using cutting-edge therapies. We work with patients from young adults to senior citizens so you can receive the medical… Read More

How to Cure Depression Without Medication: The Quest That’s Making Progress

Cure Depression Without Medication

For many, seeking treatment for depression without medication is the ideal option. Medications may be necessary for some people, but not all people need them. Many people can see improvement by learning how to naturally improve health and physical well-being. While it is always best to receive a full evaluation from a medical provider, it’s worth exploring ways… Read More

10 Ways a Therapist Can Support Your Personal Growth

10 Ways to personally grow

Counseling is often an underrated resource for anyone but especially for demographics like those at risk for substance abuse, addiction and mental health conditions. But when you’re working through adversity, it can be hard to recognize the good a therapist can do for you and your health. Conditions like anxiety, depression and addiction can cloud the mind and… Read More

One Scary Aspect of Withdrawal That You Need to Be Prepared For: The Emotional Dimensions of Detox

One scary aspect of withdrawal that you need to be prepared for

When you’re in detox, you might expect some physical symptoms of withdrawal, but the emotional symptoms might catch you unaware. The psychological effects of withdrawal can make detox more difficult and can even make you avoid or procrastinate entering a treatment program. According to the National Institutes of Health, only 18.5 percent of the approximately 22.5 million people in America who need treatment… Read More