How a Dangerous New Trend in Binge Drinking Could Be Impacting Your Child’s Health

How binge drinking can affect your child's health

Research from the University of Minnesota is challenging historical trends in binge drinking and bringing to light new concerns about the long-lasting impact binge drinking can have on young adults. The study seems to indicate that, like many other cultural and social activities, binge drinking participation is peaking later in life and may be lasting longer. That’s increasing… Read More

Over the Edge: The Stages of Long-term Alcoholism

Stages of long-term alcholism

Alcoholism, also known as Alcohol Use Disorder or AUD, is among the leading causes of preventable deaths worldwide. A recent study published in The Lancet concluded that alcoholism among men and women aged 15-49 was the single biggest cause of premature death, and that “alcohol use is a leading risk factor for global disease burden and causes substantial health loss.” Here in… Read More

Going Solo: Is Drinking Alone Always a Sign of Alcoholism?

Many people enjoy drinking a couple of beers, glasses of wine or mixed drinks in the evening after a particularly stressful day.

Does Drinking Alone Mean You’re an Alcoholic? Drinking alone in moderation and only occasionally is not a symptom of alcohol abuse. Many people enjoy drinking a couple of beers, glasses of wine or mixed drinks in the evening after a particularly stressful day. The myth that drinking alone means you have an alcohol abuse problem is an old… Read More

Getting By: The Trap of Coping With Alcoholism… And How to Escape

The Trap of coping with alcoholism and how to escape. - For those battling alcoholism

Alcoholism is a crippling disease, impacting every facet of daily life. For those battling alcoholism, the day-to-day struggles often lead to poor decision-making and coping mechanisms. Instead of reaching out for help, many people look for ways to manage physical and emotional problem caused by the disease instead. With online communities offering ongoing support and sometimes encouragement, it… Read More

A.A. Explained: Why the 12-step Journey Begins With “Powerlessness”

The importance of powerlessness

In 1939, Bill W. and Dr. Bob S., the founders of Alcoholic Anonymous, published the first edition of “The Big Book.” In it, they outlined AA’s philosophy and methods for a peer-based recovery program for alcoholics based on the Twelve Steps of recovery. Worldwide, alcoholics, addicts and treatment professionals embraced the Twelve Steps, and more than 35 million copies of AA’s Big Book have… Read More

How Much Is Healthy: Alcohol and the Myth of the Happy Medium

Alcohol and the myth of the happy medium

Imagine what would happen if a pharmaceutical company tried to introduce a new drug today: one that’s known to inhibit the central nervous system and depress both physical and psychological activity even when taken in small doses. Add to that the fact that this new drug triggers the release of naturally occurring opioids called endorphins in the brain, dramatically increasing the odds… Read More

Dialing It Back: Achieving a Healthy Level of Alcohol Intake

What is the healthy level of alcohol intake?

Drinking is a large part of American culture, with over 86 percent of adults trying alcohol at least once and 56 percent drinking in the past month. Pop culture, particularly pop culture aimed at young people, all but glorifies alcohol, with drinking dominating college campuses and much of the social life of young adults. And, since alcohol is legal, it’s often seen as less serious than… Read More

The Reality Check: Helping an Alcoholic Get Free of Denial

How to get an alcoholic free of denial

For those in the depths of abusive substance use habits, seeing reality is rarely easy. Denial is a powerful state of being, and it’s far easier to believe everything is normal than it is to admit there’s a problem. If you’re seeing signs of alcoholism in friends or family, it’s not uncommon to be angry or frustrated, but how… Read More

Off the Roller-Coaster: When to Leave a Relationship With an Alcoholic

Leaving a relationship with an alcoholic - When to leave

Alcoholism, now commonly referred to as Alcohol Use Disorder or AUD, is a lot more common than you might think. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, a branch of the National Institutes of Health, over 15 million American adults have AUD. AUD in America directly impacts about twice as many men as women. An estimated 9.8 percent of adult… Read More