You Need Other People in Your Life

Avoiding people as a recovering addict can be dangerous behavior. Upon their return from a medically supervised alcohol detox, addiction recovery treatment, and inpatient rehab, many healing addicts try to avoid those who love them, their friends and family, due to the shame that addiction can bring along with it. Sometimes staying away from their friends and family was their habit before every going to rehab because their loved ones gave them a hard time about their addiction, or the user was too embarrassed by their behavior to face those whom they knew may have qualms with their lifestyle.

But here’s the thing, loneliness is one of the biggest reasons people fall into addiction to begin with. If you isolate yourself, putting up barriers between you and the people who know you and love you most, you risk the highest chance of relapse. If you need anything during drug and alcohol addiction recovery, it is a strong and stable social safety net. Don’t let shame and the fear of disappointing them, allow you to push them away.


Trust in Those Who Love You

I’ll tell you a secret, when you’re open with those you love, when you’re honest and vulnerable, in the face of your fear, they can feel that and you’ll see them soften toward you in spite of any negative feelings they may have. You’ll be surprised with how supportive they are. They can be there when you are afraid of relapse and need someone to talk to. You can call them to get coffee when you’re feeling hopeless, and you can celebrate your sobriety with them when you reach important milestones.

Everyone needs strong relationships as they brave the long road of recovery. If you need help finding support through your journey, call us at (844) 299-0618. We can help you find the next steps toward a sober life. Learn about our addiction recovery centers in Florida, the cost of detox in Florida and our intensive inpatient treatment.

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