Xanax Addiction

Xanax (Alprazolam) is a benzodiazepine used to treat anxiety and panic disorders. It is a prescription drug that depresses the nervous system to reduce nervous tension or anxiety. Taken over long periods of time, individuals can build up a tolerance that can eventually result in an addiction to Xanax. Oftentimes when a person is addicted to Xanax, going to a Xanax addiction treatment center is the only way to beat their addiction.

For most clients, the first step in the battle against Xanax addiction will be detox. Once a person is struggling with a Xanax addiction, stopping on their own can be harder than they thought, even impossible. They will experience intense withdrawal symptoms that can cause them to relapse. Withdrawal symptoms can include aches and pains, depression, anxiety, dizziness, headaches, hypersensitivity to lights or noise, insomnia, palpitations, panic attacks, seizures, tremors, and more. In a detox program, clients’ withdrawal symptoms are monitored and managed to keep them as comfortable as possible so that clients can get through this difficult transitional period. Many clients will be given other medication to help curb the effects of their withdrawal symptoms. Clients are cared for 24-hours a day in detox keeping them safe. Going to detox gives clients the chance to break free from dependency on Xanax and prepares them to begin rehabilitation in a healthier, stronger state.

For clients dealing with more than addiction, there are Xanax addiction treatment centers that offer dual diagnosis. Dual diagnosis is a program that treats both addictions as well as any co-existing disorders clients are struggling with. Co-existing disorders are often linked to substance abuse and if left untreated can increase the risk for relapse after leaving treatment. Co-existing disorders are mental illnesses including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and other mood disorders, eating disorders, and personality disorders. For individuals struggling with a co-existing disorder, dual diagnosis can be the key to their success.

At FHE Health our Xanax addiction treatment program provides long-term, comprehensive treatment spanning multiple levels of care with a special emphasis on the family system. If you or a loved one is struggling with Xanax, please call us now or email us for more information on our Xanax addiction treatment center.  Our admission staff is available 24-hours a day to answer any questions you may have regarding Xanax addiction and Xanax addiction treatment.  It is never too early or too late for help. Please call us now at (844) 299-0618 to discuss our wonderful program and how we can help you or your loved one beat Xanax addiction.

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