Where to Meet People After Rehab

Rebuilding your social network

Did you have to walk away from some relationships when you got back from your detox facility in Florida? Maybe some of your old connections were toxic. Maybe they thought you were joining a cult by joining a twelve step program, or maybe they just didn’t really believe in you the way you needed them to. Everyone has somebody like that, unfortunately. Or maybe some of your relationships suffered due to your behavior when you were steeped in addiction. That happens to a lot of people too. It may feel impossible to start over. Finding friends can be intimidating as an adult, especially in a world so busy and demanding. Here are some ideas about where to go to meet like minded individuals.


Join a Book Club

Book clubs are awesome because not only do you meet people who enjoy reading like you do, and talking about stories or ideas like you do, but you also get to read and talk about stories! There’s nothing not to love.


Go to Meetings!

Go to meetings and share. If you go to a meeting for months and never say a word it is difficult to connect with other people, and frankly, it’s difficult to connect with yourself. Both of which you are there to do. Be open and willing to connect with other people through compassion and shared experience and this could be a perfect place to meet people struggling with some of the same things you struggle with.


Play a Sport

Did you play sports in school? I know as an adult it may seem weird to join a sports team, but there are clubs out there. Physical activity will boost your dopamine (something your addiction probably used to attend to) but also can introduce you to people who love healthy competition, teamwork, and mutual responsibility.

Rebuilding your network won’t be easy but it is important and totally possible. Just like every step of this journey it is going to take stretching yourself and being open to what comes through your courage and growth.


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