What Kind of Therapy is Right For You?

After you go through a medically supervised alcohol detox program, drug replacement therapy, or come home from attending a drug rehab facility, your next step should be to find a therapist. In fact you may think about seeking out group therapy and personal therapy both.

Check out these different ways people do therapy

  • Talk Therapy: Talk therapy is usually analytic in nature. Generally the patient leads the direction of the conversation in a stream of consciousness, and the therapist gently draws out patterns in the patient’s words.


  • Behavioral Therapy: Behavioral therapy can be quite prescriptive. For those who want to go to therapy and find answers, this might be a good place for you to start. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy follow what is almost a syllabus. To a varying degree you may even fill out worksheets and have homework that will help you retain the methods presented you. You learn concrete tools to help you alter the way you manage emotions and deal with difficult relationships.


  • Mindfulness Therapy: Mindfulness Therapy helps you connect more with your body. You will learn meditation strategies to help you strengthen the relationship between what you think and what you feel. It should help you to be able to find objectivity and perspective. This is a great choice for helping to treat alcohol addiction or drug addiction.


  • Art Therapy – Different kinds of Art Therapy:
    • Visual Art Therapy – Art therapy uses visual arts as a venue for therapy. Drawing     sculpture, painting, fabric work, and collaging are all common kinds of visual art therapy.
    • Drama Therapy – Drama therapy gives the patient a safe space to tell their story, providing a more three dimensional understanding of trauma and struggle.
    • Dance Therapy – Dance Therapy brings the body and mind into one place of processing. The patient interprets their emotion through the movement of their body
    • Creative Writing Therapy – Writing can provide comfort and perspective as you move through your journey to a sober life.


  • Integrative – Some therapists will use a number of elements from different therapies to guide the recovery and healing of a patient, tailoring their approach to the individual.


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