What is Addiction Treatment?

About Addiction Treatment

Understanding the road to recovery begins by learning just what addiction treatment is and what you might expect during the process. Each person will experience something a little different during the rehab programs because addiction and recovery is unique to each individual. The staff at FHE Health can help prepare you for the basics of treatment so that you stay confident in your ability to make the most of the program.

The Basics of What is Addiction Treatment

1. Detoxification – getting the substance out of your system.
2. Counseling – figuring out the why behind the addiction.
3. Healing – in your own life and in the relationships that may have been damaged because of the addiction.
4. Preparation – learning to live a life outside of the recovery program.

Change can be a scary step even under the best of circumstances. Stepping out into a recovery program may have more success if you know what is addiction treatment and what to expect during your rehab stay.

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