The Importance Of Addiction Aftercare Programs in Florida

Addiction aftercare programs in Florida are an integral part of life long recovery. Addiction after care programs in Florida are in place to help recovering addicts stay sober after leaving treatment. Addiction aftercare programs in Florida have made the difference for many recovering addicts to be able to stay sober and continue forward in recovery. Addiction aftercare programs in Florida can include many things. Some of the most common components of addiction aftercare programs in Florida include relapse prevention, AA, NA or other recovery meetings, sober living, individual addiction counseling, psychiatric services, vocational training, continued education, alumni groups and more.  Depending on the treatment program in Florida you or your loved one attends, they may have addiction aftercare in place through their own program or will be able to refer you to an outside program. 

Sober living is an important part of an addiction aftercare program, especially for clients who feel they need extra structure while adjusting back to life outside the treatment facility. Sober living provides recovering addicts with a supervised, drug and alcohol free environment to live in while transitioning into independent living. Residents follow rules, complete daily chores and continue their work on recovery and sobriety. While in sober living, clients can take part in other addiction aftercare programs in Florida, including 12-step meetings, addiction counseling, and more.

Another important component to addiction aftercare in Florida are alumni groups. Leaving treatment is intimidating, but having a built in network of other recovering addicts that have been through the journey of recovery themselves can make it a bit easier. Many alumni groups hold weekly meetings; participate in regular updates on fellow alumni and their progress; and work hard to help others who are just beginning their recovery program.

Having addiction aftercare programs in Florida available to recovering addicts leaving treatment is extremely important to their continued sobriety. Making the transition back into independent living can be scary and produce high levels of anxiety for an addict. Having addiction aftercare set up for them to count on can make the difference for many individuals. Whether a client chooses to enroll in sober living in Florida, or participate in aftercare in Florida through meetings, counseling and alumni groups, it can make the difference between relapse and recovery.

FHE Health knows the importance of having a comprehensive aftercare plan in place before a client is even discharged. Our sober living program provides aftercare, outpatient treatment and ongoing recovery support services for all residents. Apart from sober living, we provide aftercare in the form of a strong alumni network known as the Florida House Family. The alumni group attends weekly meetings, participates in community events and provides new clients struggling with addiction a network support. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction and would like to speak with our admissions team, please call us now. We are available 24-hours a day to answer any questions you may have. Please call use now at (844) 299-0618 for more information on our Florida treatment programs, sober living and aftercare in Florida.

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