The Details of Benzodiazepine Addiction

Not all prescription drug addictions are an addiction to opioid medications. In fact, many people who struggle with an addiction to drugs and alcohol suffer from a dependency on a kind of drug called benzodiazepine, or tranquilizers. This kind of addiction offers a calming effect to the addicted party. Tranquilizers have been a popular intoxicant for years, coming into real prominence in the early 20th century and again in the 1950’s. They have frequently been cited as a drug instrumental in suicide or overdose. Marilyn Monroe is probably the most commonly cited example of someone who died with an overdose from a benzodiazepine. Though there were more drugs in her system, she was taking benzodiazepines for sleep issues and the whole bottle was gone when she was found, indicating that she likely ingested all of them in order to overdose. Benzodiazepines (Benzos) are often legally and necessarily prescribed for several different mental health disorders such as:


  • Schizophrenia
  • Delusional disorder
  • Mania
  • Psychosis
  • Mood disorders
  • Anxiety disorder
  • Seizures
  • Insomnia
  • Muscle spasms


Not all tranquilizers or benzos are as highly addictive as others, but many of them come with a risk of chemical dependency and should be used with caution. Many people struggle with physical and psychological addiction to tranquilizer drugs, so South Florida residential detox facilities still need to be prepared to treat them. In fact, the National Institute on Drug Abuse says that about ⅓ of drug related deaths involve some kind of tranquilizer. In order to properly treat a person who is struggling with an addiction to a benzodiazepine, it is important that the person struggling with the disorder be screened for mental illness, and it is vital for the addict to  be treated for any co-occurring mental health disorder at the same time as the are treated for substance abuse at their benzo rehab. FHE Health has the capability and qualifications treat dual diagnosis and is considered one of the best drug rehabs in South Florida.


Recognizable Prescription Drugs That Are A Benzodiazepine

  • Phenothiazines
  • Thioxanthenes
  • Butyrophenones
  • Phenothiazines
  • Piperazine
  • Piperidine
  • Haldol
  • Prolixin
  • Etrafon
  • Compazine
  • Alprazolam
  • Diazepam
  • Flunitrazepam
  • Quetiapine
  • Xanax
  • Klonopin
  • Valium
  • Ativan


Tranquilizers make a user feel relaxed, calm, and sleepy. They are often used to regulate emotions or moods by dulling the experience of the mood on the user. Body systems are slowed down and the person may feel a sense of calm when they would normally feel anxious, uptight, or even frantic.


Signs & Symptoms of Someone Who Suffers From Addiction to Benzodiazepine

  • Blurred vision
  • Drowsiness
  • Weakness of the muscles
  • Mood swings
  • Impulsive behavior such as driving under the influence
  • Confusion
  • Slurred speech
  • Loss of coordination
  • Suppressed pulmonary function
  • Coma
  • Anxiety
  • Headaches
  • Anorexia

Finding Hope & Treatment in Florida For Benzo Addiction

Someone who is struggling with an addiction to benzodiazepine can find hope and relief from their addiction by seeking out benzo detox. FHE Health has a staff of licensed medical clinicians and qualified therapists to help guide you to active recovery. Call now to see which programs at FHE are right for you.

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