The Death of Mindy McCready, Celebrity Rehab, and Dr. Drew

Celebrity Rehab is a show featured on VH1 where all of America is invited to watch celebrities attend Dr. Drews’ rehab program. The shows rating are through the roof and many controversies have begun to surface after country singer Mindy McCready took her life on February 17, 2013.

Shortly before this tragic event, McCready was reportedly served with a proposed court order that would grant custody of her two children to her mother. Mindy took her own life on her porch, which is the same place her boyfriend committed suicide five months ago. Mindy, who had been struggling with legal and addiction for years, had a supply of various prescription drugs scattered around the house.

Many recovering addicts have opposing opinions on the methods used in Dr. Drew’s program and his involvement in exploiting addiction. We care to focus on the solution and how to get recovery to any addict in need so things like this don’t happen. Addiction kills millions of people each year and suicide rates of addicts are too high. Let’s not focus on what we cannot change, but use this tragic event as a opportunity to shine light onto the severe side effects of untreated addiction. 

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