The Average Age for a Person to go to Florida Addiction Treatment

About Florida Addiction Treatment

The average age for a person to go to Florida addiction treatment depends largely on the type of substance or behavior drives the addict. The staff at FHE Health understands that different issues affect different age groups and will help develop a plan for recovery for each unique situation at our Florida addiction treatment program. Our addiction treatment program is designed to cater to the individuals needs and incorporates many different styles when approaching the treatment of addiction because we believe that one approach does not work for everyone.

Know the Average Age for a Person to go to Florida Addiction Treatment

– Alcohol addiction is still the top substance that people seek treatment to overcome.

– Twenty year olds (between the ages of 20 and 29) make up almost thirty percent of those that seek abuse treatment.

– Teenagers are also growing in percentages. Those between 12 and 19 make up over ten percent of those that seek treatment.

Addiction can affect anyone. Along with knowing the typical affected age, the warning signs of addiction are along majorly important when trying to identify if you or a loved one has a substance abuse problem and needs Florida addiction treatment. Many warning signs include erratic behavior, outbursts, secretive behavior, irregular sleep patterns, poor health regiment, sick often, decreased performance at school or work, less reliable, lying or stealing, and any other odd behavior that is out of the ordinary. Finding a path to recovery may start with understanding the average age for a person to go to Florida addiction treatment.

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