The 10 Most Dangerous Drugs in the World

All drugs are dangerous, without a doubt – here at our Broward drug treatment center, we’ve seen the worst of what prescription and street drugs can do to people. But some drugs are considered more dangerous than others. Read on to find out which drugs our rehab specialists have ranked the 10 most dangerous.

10) LSD

While LSD causes minimal lasting effects compared to some of the other drugs on this list, the 12-hour “trips” it causes can include hallucinations and delusions. Some users have been known to engage in reckless and dangerous behavior under the influence of this drug.

9) Benzodiazepines

Benzodiazpines, like Valium and Klonopin, are dangerous because of their high potential for addiction. People who become addicted to benzodiazepines are in danger of protracted withdrawal syndrome if they try to quit without the help of professionals at a facility like our Broward drug treatment center.

8) Crystal Meth

Crystal meth’s high potential for addiction and its devastating effects on the human body make it one of the world’s most dangerous drugs. Meth causes deterioration of the mouth, teeth, skin and muscles. Meth addiction is one of the most difficult forms of addiction to treat.

7) PCP

Though it fell out of vogue after rising to popularity in the 1990s, PCP is making a comeback. This drug can make its users agitated and violent, and can cause death with the first use.

6) Cocaine

Cocaine causes a rush of the neurotransmitter dopamine, which makes it very addictive. Crack cocaine is the most dangerous form; it’s cheap enough for even the most poverty stricken to buy. Cocaine is responsible for more ER visits in the U.S. than any other drug, and it’s one of the primary reasons people seek help at our Broward drug treatment center. Like many other drugs, using cocaine can cause sudden death.

5) Heroin and Other Opiates

Some lists of dangerous drugs categorize heroin, methadone, buprenorphine and prescription painkillers as different types of drugs. Here at our Broward drug treatment center, it’s all the same to us. All forms of opiate drugs affect the brain in the same way, and all are highly addictive. The temptation to return to opiate drug abuse can linger for years or decades after an individual gets sober.

4) Bath Salts

Like cocaine, PCP and other street drugs, bath salts can be deadly on first use. They’ve also been known to spur their users into terrifying acts of violence. The scariest thing about bath salts may be that users don’t even know what’s in them half of the time.

3) Krokodil

Though few cases of its use have been reported in the U.S., this flesh-eating drug from Russia has the horrifying ability to make your skin and muscles tor right off of your bones. The drug is made from crushed painkiller tablets, lighter fluid, iodine and other materials that you really shouldn’t be injecting into your body.

2) Devil’s Breath

Our Broward drug treatment center is immensely relieved to report that no credible reports have been made of the use of devil’s breath in the U.S. This drug, which contains the chemical compound scopolamine, originates in South America where it is derived from native plants. Criminals there use the drug to incapacitate their victims. It’s said that devil’s breath, when swallowed or inhaled, deprives the user of free will, turning them into a type of zombie. Reports of criminals using devil’s breath as a type of date rape drug or in order to facilitate robberies abound in South American nations like Columbia.

1) Alcohol – Most Common Reason For Broward Drug Treatment

Even though it’s legal, our Broward drug treatment center staff agrees that alcohol is the single most dangerous drug known to man. Its ubiquity means that those prone to addiction can easily fall victim to alcoholism. Alcohol is responsible for more injuries and deaths each year than any other drug. And it’s destroyed far more families and lives, as well.

No matter what your drug of choice, if you’re struggling with addiction, our Broward drug treatment center can help.

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