Common Street Names for Opiates

Slang and street names for drugs are always changing so it’s possible that a list like this won’t ever be completely up-to-date. Nevertheless, here are a few of the more common names that you may overhear.

Heroin –

Brown sugar, china white, smack, dope, hell dust, junk, skag, skunk, tar, white horse, negra, thunder, big H

Oxycontin –

Oxy, hillbilly heroin, OC, killers, kickers, jammed (an expression analogous to stoned or drunk)

Fentanyl –

China white, china girl, duragesic, apache, sublimaze, dance fever, TNT, tango and cash, jackpot, goodfella, murder 8

Percocet –

Percs, perks, hillbilly heroin

Morphine –

Miss Emma, M, white stuff, monkey, duramorph, roxanol, first line

Vicodin –

Vikes, Watson-387, vic, vikings, vees, v-itamin, vicogesic, vicos, vitamin-v

Codeine –

Cody, Captain Cody, Schoolboy

Methadone –

Chocolate chip cookies (if they also have MDMA), fizzies, amidone

Numporphan –

Blues, O, Mrs. O, octagons, stop signs, biscuits, blue heaven

Dilaudid –

D, footballs, smack juice

Demerol –

Painkiller, demmies, meperdine

Opium –

Blackstuff, gum, hops, block, God’s medicine, big O, ah-pen-yen, Chinese tobacco, Chinese molasses, mira, guma, black pill, Dover’s powder

Prescription names –

Of course many drugs are simply referred to by their prescription name, or the name of a generic alternative.


An Ever Changing List

If you suspect a loved one may have an addiction, spotting these words in conversation may help confirm the suspicion. Of course many of these words may have other meanings or be limited to being used in certain places more than others.

Please call us at (844) 299-0618 to learn more about them and their addictive nature. It is important to know what your options are, and what sorts of help are available. To paraphrase Shakespeare, a rose by any other name is still a rose, and no matter what these drugs are called, they can cause serious problems when a person is addicted to them.

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