Record Amounts of Fentanyl Flowing Across the Border

Fentanyl Infographic

Dramatic Rise in Fentanyl Moving Across the Border

The amounts of fentanyl annually seized by U.S. border and immigration authorities are nearly three and five times the amounts previously taken, according to new federal data. Considering it takes just a few grains of fentanyl to trigger a deadly overdose, the amounts involved are potentially catastrophic.

Customs and Border Protection reported Tuesday that authorities have seen a dramatic increase in fentanyl because of U.S. demand as well as their ability to detect it. Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokesman Matthew Bourke said in a statement that the country’s active crackdown and cheapness of the drug have contributed to the change.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement seized 2,370 pounds between October 2016 and September 2017, and the amount seized during the previous time frame was 501 pounds, according to federal data.

At ports of entry and international mailing facilities, the amount of fentanyl seized went from 440 pounds to 1,195 pounds in those same one-year time frames, according to data released Tuesday by the Office of Field Operations.

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To learn more about how Customs and Border Protection is fighting to stem the tide of fentanyl, please visit KCRA3.

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