Take Your Down Time Seriously

You’ve been more than busy, you’ve been steeped in some of the hardest parts of the human journey that anyone can experience. Your time at the Deerfield Beach halfway houses led you to spending some time with us at FHE Health Deerfield Beach rehab, one of the best drug rehabs in South Florida.

Throughout your drug and alcohol addiction recovery treatment, you have worked hard to remain open to what our medically licensed clinicians and therapists recommend to you. You’ve stretched yourself to be vulnerable and to connect with those sharing their stories about their own drug and alcohol addiction in your meetings. You’ve shared yourself and you’ve tried to have compassion for yourself when you’ve struggled to be open. You’ve even let yourself make some friends. You are probably even starting to admit to yourself that things don’t feel so hopeless anymore.

As you dip your toe into the cool water of sobriety it’s important to remember to take your down time seriously. Focus on making sure you take breaks so that you continue to thrive in your recovery. There’s little more important that making sure your body rests.


Addiction Can Cause Insomnia Or Make It Worse

When you are done with inpatient treatment you will go home to begin what can be an arduous restructuring of your everyday life. You’ll start by trying to mirror the healthy habits that you began to form at FHE Health detox and rehab center, to create a framework around who you want to be as you continue the hard work of sober living.

You may find at first, when you’re back from rehab, that it is difficult to find the time to really rest your body and give your mind a much needed break. Often people struggling with alcohol or drug dependence develop Insomnia or maybe have even suffered with it for years. If you’re struggling with insomnia and aren’t able to sleep or rest please call your doctor. If you can’t rest, you can’t continue the work of recovery.


A Well Rested Brain and Body Can Help Reduce Likelihood of Relapse

A well rested brain is more likely to be malleable to the changes you are trying to make in your personal philosophy and life strategies. But not only that, there are countless logistics to deal with upon being released from rehab, and those life details require a smoothly running brain and the energy to deal with complications in life. Even executing the most minor tasks require some amount of mental functionality. Without good sleep, and the downtime necessary to find some peaceful meditative moments in your day, your likelihood of relapse increases.

Without properly functioning cognitive systems, triggers are more difficult to manage and a crisis can feel like the end of the world. Those are the sort of moments that can lead you back to drug and alcohol addiction.

Staying well rested couldn’t be more important to a recovering addict. Making sure you’re focusing on doing everything you can for yourself to ensure a restful space when you sleep, and also spending some moments when you are awake, away from the hard mental work of therapy and processing, will help ensure a healthier and more successful sober living. Don’t compromise on your down time. Always be sure to guard that time so you can be fully functional in your recovery as you transition to living it in conjunction with your everyday responsibilities.

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