How Broward County and Deerfield Beach Are Saving Lives from Addiction

How broward county detox is saving lives

Choosing to enter a detox program is an enormous decision that can help you break free of harmful addictions and recover the life you once had. At FHE Health, we work with every patient to design a regimen to meet their specific needs using cutting-edge therapies. We work with patients from young adults to senior citizens so you can receive the medical help you need to beat addictions as well as counseling to address the underlying issues that may have led to your addiction.

Detox Options in Florida

Our inpatient centers in Florida are designed to ensure your comfort in a campus-life setting surrounded by the beauty of the Palm Beach and greater Broward County area. Many patients seeking detox and rehabilitation options gravitate to southern Florida to take advantage of our great weather and laid-back lifestyle. Just a few reasons patients like you may seek facilities in our area include:

  • The desire to undergo therapy in a destination setting
  • The need to escape your current environment to make a fresh start in our area
  • The wish to remain close to home and family for patients already living in our area

Patients battling addiction have more treatment options than ever before while undergoing detox at our treatment center in Deerfield Beach.

Medical Detox in Broward County


Choosing Detox in Broward County

Medical detoxification for inpatient residents offers comprehensive services to help you get through the critical withdrawal process. We begin with a full assessment of your health and how addictions have impacted it in order to design a treatment plan to manage your withdrawal symptoms, then help you conquer your addiction. Our center offers 24/7 support, including a full staff of doctors, nurses, and therapists.

When you choose to detox in Florida, you’ll find our facility to be a homey and comfortable environment, with amenities similar to those you’d find in an upscale hotel. In addition to medical treatments, including medications that help you withdraw from your dependencies, and mental health resources to address your other needs, we offer counseling and group events. You can enjoy downtime in our lounge areas, as well as access to cable television and our beautiful grounds.

Whether you seek drug or alcohol detox or need support for interrelated mental health and substance addictions in Florida, choosing a medical detox facility enables stability during the withdrawal and detox period. At FHE Health, our comprehensive intake exams help us create a unique recovery plan that offers far more support and guidance than doing it alone.

Acknowledging your addiction to your family and friends may trigger feelings of embarrassment or shame, igniting your urge to quit on your own. Unsupervised detox can have hazardous health impacts, making it far safer to go through that process in a supervised setting. Working together with an accredited facility, you and our staff can help break the stigma of your dependencies and guide you to better overall health.

Once you complete your medical detox and have achieved stable overall health, you’ll move into our residential program. This program is offered in the same facility where you go through detox and ensures a continuum of care as you work with the same professionals you’ve already come to know, which leads to better overall patient results. We have various length programs to address your unique needs with the capability to lengthen or shorten your stay depending on the progress you make or the extra concerns that need to be addressed.

Recovery Campus Support in Deerfield, Florida

What is a recovery campus and do I need one?

Our recovery campus offers different levels and types of support to both inpatients and outpatients working to beat addictions. When you choose to enter our facility as an inpatient, just a few of the services we provide to aid in your drug detox recovery process in Florida include:

  • Around-the-clock care through clinical, medical and psychiatric offerings
  • Nutrition services that offer gourmet foods as well as addressing any specific needs your health may require
  • A massage room to help address physical ailments you may suffer throughout the detox and withdrawal process
  • A full gym to help you regain both strength and cardiovascular health
  • An expanded team of professionals including case managers and neuro-rehabilitative specialists

While you are an inpatient at FHE Health, you’ll also have access to a full calendar of activities that engage both your mind and body and help you avoid the boredom that can pose a setback to your recovery. You’ll have opportunities for activity involvement and downtime, both on your own and in groups with other patients going through issues similar to those you are experiencing.

Our outpatient services include many of the same amenities our inpatients receive as well as offering programs for:

  • First responders
  • Women
  • Individuals with gambling addictions
  • Alcohol detox in Florida

As an outpatient, you can also take advantage of our partial hospitalization program that begins with time spent in our residential program. After transitioning from that program, you’ll experience ongoing support as an outpatient when you work to balance ongoing addiction treatments while also returning to your more independent lifestyle. Additionally, we offer career services and counseling, individual and group therapy, and programs to assist your entire family.

Regulations Improve Recovery in South Florida

How florida is more strictly regulating addiction treatmentNew regulations enacted over the past several years make South Florida one of the most ideal and trusted areas in the country to undergo addiction support and recovery. Those regulations have helped to weed out sober living homes that engaged in fraudulent practices more concerned with bringing in money than truly helping patients achieve sobriety, as well as putting pressure on sober living homes to achieve certification within Florida in order to receive patient referrals from licensed facilities.

At FHE Health, we observe the highest standards in the detox and addiction recovery industry and keep your well-being in mind throughout the entire process. Our facility has attained accreditation as an addiction center through the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. We’ve also achieved certification through the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers. Finally, we work closely with the Florida Department of Children and Families while closely following the standards set by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

Trust FHE Health to Guide Your Recovery

For immediate help as well as to learn more about entering the programs we offer at our Deerfield FHE Health facility, call (844) 299-0618 to speak with a compassionate and well-trained professional and begin the process of breaking free from your addictions. How Broward County and Deerfield Beach Are Saving Lives from Addiction

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