No Money For Narcan – City Budgets Crunched By Opioid Crisis

No Money for Narcan

Cities Face Prospect of “Narcan Rationing” As the opioid crisis continues, and more addicts need multiple doses of Narcan to be revived after taking fentanyl-laced heroin, some cities are running out of money for Narcan. As reported by the Daily Journal, on a Baltimore street corner, public health workers hand out a life-saving overdose antidote to residents painfully… Read More

Ohio School Nurses Start Carrying Narcan

As Overdoses Hit Ohio Communities, Schools Arm Themselves With Narcan With the opioid crisis continuing to devastate Ohio communities, many schools have started to carry Narcan as a precaution for any students or parents who overdose on school grounds. As reported by WCBE 90.5,  the U.S. Surgeon General has issued an advisory, encouraging more Americans to carry the opioid… Read More

Narcan Creating False Sense of Security for Heavy Drug Users

Narcan Rescue

Addicts Now Need Multiple Doses of Narcan – But Many Can’t Be Saved As Narcan becomes increasingly widespread, it has helped to save countless lives, but it is also providing a false sense of security for many heavy drug users. As reported by NBC 24, “We can kind of tell when a new shipment of drugs will come into… Read More

Narcan Nation: Surgeon General Urges Widespread Access to Life-saving Drug


Surgeon General Urges Americans to Carry Narcan As opioid-related deaths continue to spike in regions all across the nation, the Surgeon General issued a rare advisory, advising anyone affected by opioids to carry Narcan. As reported by CNN, Dr. Jerome Adams emphasized that “knowing how to use naloxone and keeping it within reach can save a life.” To make… Read More

Yes, Bug Spray-laced Weed Is Causing Overdoses

Bug spray overdose

Bug spray-laced Marijuana is Causing Overdoses in Indianapolis Officials in Indianapolis are concerned about the growing use of KD – a cheap street drug of synthetic marijuana and sprayed with Raid, bug spray, roach spray. As reported by MPR, a rise in overdose cases due to the addition of bug spray to the street drug ‘KD’ (also known as… Read More

Rehabs In Rural Communities Generate Hope and Concern

Rural Rehabs

Port Jarvis, NY Struggles Where to Open Additional Rehabs Where to put rehabs in rural communities? In Port Jarvis NY, as rehab centers look to increase their presence in this rural community, residents have mixed feeling about where these centers should operate. As reported by Spectrum Local News, in Port Jervis, a town of 8,800 right at the meeting… Read More

Massachusetts Fentanyl Crisis Sparks Governor to Action

Boston Mass

Massachusetts Arms Itself Against Fentanyl Overdoses As the Massachusetts fentanyl crisis continues to deliver overdoses and death across the state, Governor Baker is urging legislators to take action. As reported by the Lowell Sun, Gov. Charlie Baker highlighted state advancements in fighting the opioid epidemic and the battle he’s undertaking to ensure fentanyl and carfentanil dealers are prosecuted to… Read More

Rochester Expands Narcan Training As Overdose Deaths Soar

As Overdoses Rise, Rochester Area Expands Narcan Training In face of a deadly wave of overdose deaths, Rochester and surrounding Monroe County have begun to offer Narcan training in cities and towns across the region. As reported by 13 WHAM, Monroe County is offering new ways to train people in preventing and counteracting overdoses from heroin and other opioids…. Read More

Philadelphia Urges Residents to Carry Narcan


Brotherly Love Now Means Carrying Narcan As the opioid crisis in Philadelphia shows no signs of easing, officials now are urging residents to carry life-saving doses of Narcan with them. As reported by The Inquirer, the city’s health department announced a new ad campaign showcasing how easy naloxone is to use and urging residents to obtain it. “There… Read More

Narcan in Nightclubs – “Don’t panic. Don’t leave. You Can Do This!”

Scott Boyink

Former Addict Leads Effort to Distribute Narcan Kits Scott Boyink, a former addict and recovery warrior, is working to have Narcan placed in nightclubs throughout Detroit hoping to empower club-goers and save lives. As reported by Detroit Metro Times, Boyink’s goal is to get the kits “anywhere where musicians congregate,” he says. “If the venue has a soundboard,… Read More