Woman Loses Two Sons to Opioids In One Night

Researchers Hoping to Better Understand Fentanyl’s Impact For Becky Savage, June 14th, 2015 remains a blur. Her two oldest sons – Nick and Jack were celebrating at high school graduation parties, and both overdosed and died. As reported by CNN, “Everything just kind of seemed like a blur that day,” Becky Savage said. “Your mind is not really… Read More

Fentanyl Research Blocked By DEA Restrictions

Researchers Hoping to Better Understand Fentanyl’s Impact Researchers at the NIH want to better understand how fentanyl impacts brain function, but recently, access to fentanyl has been blocked by DEA restrictions. As reported by Fortune, overdoses from synthetic opioids called fentanyl have surged more than 500 percent since 2013, killing roughly 20,000 people in the U.S. in 2016… Read More

Fentanyl Overdoses Present Unique Challenges For Responders

Detroit Man Revived At CVS

Fentanyl Overdoses Happen In A Matter of Seconds Fentanyl overdoses present unique challenges for responders as CPR is difficult to perform and often they require multiple doses of Narcan. As reported by Medpage Today, chest wall rigidity, loss of control, extreme potency, and rapid onset were among observed and reported characteristics of fentanyl-related use and overdoses, a study… Read More

Fake Weed Plaguing Chicago


Chicago Hit By Wave of Synthetic Weed Authorities in Chicago are tracking the growing use of synthetic weed that has caused a rash of victims with severe bleeding and two fatalities. As reported by CNN, synthetic cannabinoids — often called Spice, K2 or fake weed — have been tied to 56 cases of severe bleeding, including two deaths, across… Read More

“Heroin Hearse” In WV Delivers Blunt Message: “Heroin kills. Is this your last ride?”

Heroin Hearse

Unusual Approach Motivates Some Addicts To Seek Help A “Heroin Hearse” in Huntington WV delivers a blunt message: “Heroin kills. Is this your last ride?” Owner Dwayne Wood drives thousands of miles to nearby states to raise addiction awareness and urge addicts to seek rehab. As reported by NPR,  Woods owns a 1988 Buick hearse with the words… Read More

Addiction Rule Number 1: Stay Alive

Addiction Rule #1

Recovering From Addiction Is A Long Term Battle For addicts and their families, recovery from opioid addiction is usually a multi-year battle. Addiction Rule number 1 for families and addicts: stay alive. As reported by the LA Times, Rule No. 1: Stay alive. If you or a loved one wants to beat an opioid addiction, first make sure… Read More

Artist Fights Addiction With Art Therapy

Recovering Addict Uses Art to Stay Sober Tallahassee resident Kollet Probst uses art therapy to help her remain drug free after suffering from years of addiction. As reported by the Tallahassee Democrat, the 36-year-old artist has grappled with addiction for two decades. Growing up with a father who struggled with alcoholism himself, she remembers her dad’s DUIs, his drunken nights. Beer… Read More

Welcome to the United States of Fentanyl Overdose

Heroin Map

Fentanyl Is Impacting All 50 States With Deadly Intensity New CDC data released this week shows that fentanyl and other synthetic opioids have been cutting a swath of death across every state in the union, impacting every demographic and ethnic group imaginable. As reported by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazzette, at a time when the country seems hopelessly divided, health… Read More

Teen Mom Star Ryan Edwards Still Struggling After Rehab

Ryan Edwards

Friends Worried About Teen Mom Star Teen Mom star Ryan Edwards left rehab this week but was quickly arrested for a past possession of heroin. Meanwhile, his wife Mackenzie announced the couple is expecting. As reported by InTouch Weekly, while his wife Mackenzie Standifer seems to think everything is “fine,” others close to Teen Mom: OG star Ryan Edwards are more than worried for… Read More

PA Overdose Deaths Surge To 15 A Day

Pennsylvania Opioids

PA Struggles To Assess the Scope of Overdose Epidemic As the CDC compiles statistics for 2017, certain states like Pennsylvania are coming to grips with a surging opioid crisis that shows no signs of ending. As many as 15 people a day are overdosing and dying in the Keystone State. As reported by the Meadville Tribune, everyone knows… Read More